out of curiosity, do they hire LPN's in Arizona? Coworker demeans LPN's says NO......

  1. Hello! Anyone on here from the Arizona area? I am not wanting to move lol, I am a happy LVN in Texas, currently working on my RN. I just wondered about Arizona hiring LPN's/LVN's, because I have a coworker who is constantly downing our LVN's saying "OH Arizona doesnt even hire LVN's at all in the hospital, and even at a nursing home they are only considered med aides, they are not recognized as nursing anymore as LVNS are being phased out". I always just kinda ignore her comments, because they way she says it is very degrading. I am happily working on my RN trying to get finished, not because I hate being an LVN but because I do the work of an RN anyway so I might as well get the pay increase. I am proud of my LVN license, I worked hard for it, and I want to go all the way to masters, just for myself. I just hate to hear people sound so condescending towards LVNs, they are nurses too! While I know a lot of really smart RN's, I also know just as many smart LVN's. In Texas, or at least at my hospital, we are trained as LVN 2 level. The ONLY things I cannot do is the initial assessment when a new patient comes to the floor, set up the initial care plan of that patient, and draw blood from a PICC line. Everything else, we were trained to do, and do it everyday. I just wondered about the Arizona thing, specifically the Phoenix area. I would love to be able to go and say "Oh really I saw some job openings for LVN's in Phoenix just the other day!" But I dont want to say that if its not true lol....
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    I am sure if you get on a job posting site and search for LVN jobs in Phoenix you will find listings. I find it hard to believe that NO LVNs get hired at all in the entire state.
  4. by   realnursealso/LPN
    Why would you even listen to someone who is putting you down? Don't believe her/him. What a waste of oxygen. Wonder where this self proclaimed "expert", got this insane idea? 31 years I've been hearing this, 31 years I have been working. Blow them off, and forget their nonsence statements.
  5. by   merlee
    Googled it. Plenty of listings. You could google it, too. Job postings for LVNs in Arizona.

    Tell her she doesn't know what she's talking about.!!
  6. by   avidhunter3
    She also states specifically at the hospital setting, thats where she says they dont hire or recognize LVNs. She is a rather new nurse herself, only been a nurse for 2 years, but she has a bachelors which she proudly talks about, so I guess she thinks shes superior I dont know. I just truley wondered if that was the case, that Arizona really doesnt hire LVNS in the hospital setting. Thanks for the answers!
  7. by   silentRN
    I live in Arizona and she is telling the truth about hospitals not hiring LPNs here. They still hire LPNs in other settings though.
  8. by   honeykrown
    My hospital has only one LPN and shes been out for a long time and during my interview the manager said they had stopped hiring LPN and this is a rural hospital. I do believe its true in all sense and also since most hospitals are leaning toward BSN other settings are hiring the ADN's so this is making it difficult for LPN's to get the positions they usual get.

    As for her degrading tone she might be saying it (even if its true) just to rile you, dont fall for it.
  9. by   silentRN
    honeykrown - before I worked as an RN I worked as a PCT in a small rural hospital in northern arizona that only had one LPN and she was basically grandfathered in...I was wondering if you work at VVMC?
  10. by   mazy
    Meh, sounds like she's a relatively new nurse, feeling insecure about you being an LPN getting ready to go out of the RN gate with a lot of nursing experience behind you, and that you have plans to further your education past an RN.

    It is true that it's hard to find nursing jobs period, and I know in my state they've phased LPNs out of most hospitals, except for LTACs -- although LPNs can work in hospital clinics. I have a friend who lives in Arizona and what she says indicates that it's no more or less difficult to get a job there than it is anywhere else.

    It's also no more or less difficult for an LPN to find a job than it is for an RN.

    She's just trying to get you down, I wouldn't worry about it. But have you posted this in the Arizona forum? They can give you the straight poop.
  11. by   DixieRedHead
    In NC, it's very difficult for LPNs to get hired at a hospital. In all other settings they are valued and treated well.
    This person sounds very insecure to me. Before I got my RN, I was an LPN who got hired at a hospital due to having been to RN school, and was awaiting boards.
    Here is how it went. After boards, I went to work one day as an LPN. I couldn't do this and I couldn't that. I went home and checked the mailbox, and all of a sudden I was an RN. I could do everything. It has always amazed me what a little trip to the mailbox could do.
    Having been to LPN school, and RN school, I can tell you that LPN school is much harder.
    So be proud of your accomplishments and the skills you have learned. In whatever setting you are employed, you are a nurse. So nurse. And stay away from naysayers and people who seek to make themselves feel good by making others feel bad. Oh, and when you get to be an RN, remember how this made you feel, and be good to those who still nurse.
  12. by   GimiRN
    Yeah, I agree she sounds insecure about her own status/importance. Really. What's the point of putting other people down or bragging about what degree she has? She sounds like she could even be a bit jealous or threatened by what you are trying to do. Who knows? But I would definitely not take any of her negativity to heart.

    And I'm still trying to figure out why she cares about what's going on in Arizona, if she lives in Texas.
  13. by   Orange Tree
    Things are changing at my Texas hospital. When I first started, they were actively hiring LVNs. But for the past two years, they haven't hired any LVNs (not even one) and are always putting the few LVNs we do have on call. I wouldn't be surprised if what your coworker says is true...or at least coming true. I think ADNs will be the next to be crowded out, so you should get a BSN as soon as possible- and so should I.
  14. by   fromtheseaRN
    there are plenty of LPN(LVN) jobs here, but she is correct that hospitals are phasing them out. the listings i've seen for LPNs are at SNFs and LTCs. the major hospital chain here gave their LPNs a deadline to become RNs or they would lose their jobs. however i heard one of their locations is keeping their LPNs, as that facility does really well with team nursing.