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honeykrown is a MSN, NP and specializes in family practice.

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  1. honeykrown


    How does it affect jobs with union. In the past, I have known that when Union nurses threaten a strike, the companies are forced to use Locum providers. Also are they just saying independent contractor or does that affect nurses or NPs who are given W2's by their agencies. I dont leave in CA and not sure how this can trickle down to other states. Where were the nurses , NP's and their unions when this was being discussed?
  2. honeykrown

    Colorado NP

    Any NP's from Colorado in the house. I need pick your brains pls.
  3. honeykrown

    NP pay, does RN experience matter?

    At my hospital, they considered my RN experience although they took off a couple of years cod I was a new grad NP. I guess it varies per employee cos most threads I read here said RN had no basis for NP pay
  4. honeykrown

    Nurse Practitioner Restrictions

    I did not truly understand this frustration until I decided to move to a state with NP restrictions. Moving from AZ to CO I was shocked that I would be needing provisional prescriptive authority till I get 3000hrs. I have always had the full prescriptive authority in AZ. Luckily for me, the CO governor just signed a law in March requiring less hrs of 1000 to receive full prescriptive authority. For this I am glad even if I still have to write a statement of safe prescribing to be signed by an APN or MD. It just shows the power of lobbying
  5. honeykrown

    Indian Health Service Advanced Practice Nurses

    it does get snow here but we are at such high elevation that it melts by afternoon (but it is still cold). I will bring a winter jacket but not like you need on the east coast. The weather has a mind of its own. It was really chilly out yesterday and so hot today. summer before last, the weather went as low as -19 degrees but by lunch time it was 45 degrees. The flu clinic at our hospital is run by the pharmacists with the help of PHNs(the nurses still give a couple). I think you will be utilizing the PHN, you might set up at the chapter house to give the shots. It will be so much fun, you get to see the community. really remote (I dont think people have seen remote till they get here). you will appreciate the small amenities more. Some patients live without electricity and water. it will be fun for you though
  6. honeykrown

    Indian Health Service Advanced Practice Nurses

    I work very close to the Chinle hospital. To be honest at this time I like what I do as my bosses are very understanding. We are tribal organization though. One thing about working IHS is things sometime run opposite to the real world. You get to refer most of these patients out, also can only refer out for certain conditions based on funding. The locums at our hospitals cant write a referral out but will have to ask us permanent staff to refer. Everything is done through the old VA EHR system. I dont like that pt's in the area tend to shop around for doctors. You will find patients that have been to the other 3 hospitals in the area to get treatment for the same illness. And you might get patients who speak Navajo. I dont know in what capacity you will be working since you will only be Locum but I Do like the layout of the Chinle facility. It's also in the middle of no where but they have a grocery store, burger king and gas station in town. The closest walmart or safeway is abt 2hrs from Chinle but they have a canyon close by that is a popular tourist spot. THE area is lovely, it's starting to get cold so bring a light sweater. It's monsoon season here
  7. honeykrown

    Working for the VA

    I had this talk with a colleague today about VA and pay. She did mention that VA rates are based on "board" setting of pay. Certification, degree experience etc. I did mention to her that VA was paying below the wage scale. I can only imagine getting paid 100000 after 20years of NP experience. She said I guess with you young ones it's money over stress but with we older ones it's less stress over money. I think you OP are looking for the less stress avenue and if that's what you want I say go for it. They do have a nice benefit & vacation package (I believe)
  8. honeykrown

    Indian Health Service Advanced Practice Nurses

    I currently work for an IHS facility in AZ, tribally owned. Worked here for 4 years. first as a nurse then a nurse practitioner. tribal centers are great to work for. The locums are mostly used for seeing walk ins rather than having their own patients. It can be tedious to learn the system as I believe all IHS use the old VA EHR. Overall I love what I do, most of the patients are grateful that we are there. The government run IHS are pretty similar also
  9. honeykrown

    Should and do fnp's room their pt's

    Well if I had to do vitals, immunization a, get UA, run it to lab and then do all the other stuff I don't think I will be able to see more than 12 a day. If the MDs are given a nurse then I expect to be treated equally. I have roomed pts before but only those who have been triaged already
  10. honeykrown

    online F.N.P. programs??

    I graduated from frontier this past July. They prepare you well for boards and well as can be for practice. Had trouble with clinical as I live in a remote area, and even though there were some kinks we were able to work it out. As of the time of my graduation, Maryland was the only state the students could not be licensed (not sure if that was the real issue) but people from there did clinical in DC I don't know where they would get their license from after. They did have an issue with NC but were able to work that out. So I know they would work out the MD issue sooner than later. Hope this helps
  11. honeykrown

    Best prep specialty for FNP

    I worked as a case manager in a primary care clinic. Calling patients back with lab results, some diagnosis and ordering medications when patients were discharged from other facilities. This allowed me an insight to lab values, some guidelines and medications for diseases. I worked with doctors and PAs who were willing to explain disease processes to me. It helped me a lot while I was in school
  12. honeykrown

    Where to purchase practice tests...

    i bought the FamilyNPPrep/ Exam edge. They had the 10, 20 and 30 set exam questions. You could also get coupon codes for 10% off. there were some repeated questions but not that many in my 10 set.
  13. honeykrown

    Arizona NPs

    you may prescribed schedule 2-5 drugs and pretty much independent practice in the state within your scope of practice. For more info, you may go to http://www.azbn.gov
  14. honeykrown

    Not working as an np

    Have a friend/NP who works as a nurse informatic. I think she just had a bad experience as an NP. Never really asked why
  15. honeykrown

    Time gap between school and starting work??

    Yes you can continue working and if you take the AANP you can take the boards sooner after graduation. I took my boards 10days after graduation and passed. I sent in AANP application 2 weeks before graduation (but you can apply 6months prior) and the ATT 60days after the date. My school did have a comprehensive exam you have to take before graduating (I passed and felt comfortable). I did not start work till 3months after graduation though because I wanted to stay home for a while. It did take almost 90days for my application to be approved by the BON in AZ. Goodluck
  16. honeykrown

    Prn/part time pay

    Hmmm, I think 45 is too low as you will not be paid any benefits. As an RN part-timers are paid more. I know an NP in a rural ER who makes 70part time. So I say go for 60.