NP jobs in AZ?

  1. Hello, I am continuing my quest for a great place to live! I need an NP job! I graduated in Dec 2001 however I never got a chance to practice because I have been serving my country as a flight nurse in the AF. I am currently overseas and hopefully this will all come to and end for me in Dec. I am moving from the DC area where an RN makes about $30-40/hr based on agency, salaried,and years of experience.I am a ICU/ER nurse for the last 10 years and my specialty is Family practice. The East coast is NOT friendly to new NP's and the starting wages are low for the cost of living. Start is 60k, average 1br apt in an area where you will not be gundowned is~ $1,000/mo.
    I am despirately seeking any job opportunity out West! The bottom line is:
    Where in AZ is a good area to live? How prevelant are the NP's being utilized? Cost of living? And the quality of life.
    I don't need a big city but I HAVE to be within a 15mi radius of a Starbucks and a Target/ Walmart.
    Any input please!
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  3. by   boomerfriend
    I know that Phoenix Children's Hospital employs NPs. Family practice may not be quite the fit but worth a try. It's located in downtown Phoenix but recommend living in the East or West valley as opposed to the downtown area ~ although there are some good pockets to live.
  4. by   Staragate
    Try the drug store clinics. CVS and Walgreens have instore clinics where NPs run things. They are really good.
  5. by   Asystole RN
    Heavily used in LTCs/Sub Acutes
  6. by   micajoieLAc
    I would strongly suggest the VA, it's an excellent hospital out here. I know for sure ALL their wound care nurses are NP's and with your prior military service it would make paperwork processing faster. You know how long the government takes to process paperwork. Applying to them can take 6 mos but they have great benefits, pension and a very advanced hospital (no Lift Policy).
  7. by   jamonit
    i'm currently in np school and have been told to not accept a job as a new grad np for less than 90k. that's coming from the dean of the np program. so, there you go. also, there are many opportunities. just google it. and as reported above, the va is a good system. loan repayment and pension options cant be beat.
  8. by   traumaRUs
    This thread is almost 7 years old - maybe for updated info it would be better to start a new one.
  9. by   Kabin
    Let's bring this post up to date then.

    There aren't many safe havens today. Times are a changing. Fed and state government funding is collapsing and changes are in the pipeline. Funding cuts are coming and will likely: eliminate substantial # of gov jobs, cut gov pension plans, loan repayment benefits, healthcare, salary increases, etc.
  10. by   silentRN
    If you want dirt cheap living...move to Tucson. Takes time to get used to the area. I've lived here for 2.5 years. It has become home. Also, what about the VA hospitals? I would think you would have favor since you have military background. Population in tucson I believe is in the 600K and a total of a million if you include the surround area.

    I personally go to a NP for my PCP. AZ seems to utilize NP.
  11. by   silentRN
    Quote from traumaRUs
    This thread is almost 7 years old - maybe for updated info it would be better to start a new one.
    I am curious now if she ever got a job as an NP