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  1. micajoieLAc

    what's the purpose of those archaic care plans?

    Nurse56, thank you for the link, I will look through when I have a minute. Ashley, I've done just that, we'll see, I didn't get much help the first go request, maybe it will be two times a charm, if it's three, I guess I will ask another way. The thread reference from Joy has also helped provide some insight
  2. micajoieLAc

    what's the purpose of those archaic care plans?

    Ah ha, Thank you Joy, I did finally find it. Clearly not enough has changed in the teaching of care plans or at the very least in the explanation of care plans.
  3. micajoieLAc

    what's the purpose of those archaic care plans?

    My original post question still stands, what exactly are we supposed to be learning? How to think like a nurse, the different forms we fill out have yet to help. Clinical is the only place I feel like I've learned how to think, next steps, what to watch for, what labs to expect or procedures. I've gone to two different schools now and all they say is fill out the care plan. It still hasn't helped me figure out what the purpose is and what I'm supposed to learn. When I'm informed I failed to fill out a box shouldn't it trigger the instructor to think I may not know what "the box" is asking or looking for. It's a two fold problem, not knowing what I'm supposed to be learning from filling out the care plan and not receiving clear instruction, but from two different schools, I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't understand what the purpose is
  4. micajoieLAc

    what's the purpose of those archaic care plans?

    the problem is not everyone learns from sitting in front of a computer screen. I would get WAY more out of care plans if someone walked me through the thinking in action, that's where care plans are formed anyhow. Still makes no sense to me to teach this part of nursing in only one way when we all learn in different ways...It's been a year, and I'm still not learning whatever it is it's supposed to teach me
  5. Can someone please explain to me what exactly we're supposed to learn from them. We spend so long filling out all the forms we don't actually have time to learn anything of value about our patient or their condition. Does anyone have any insight?
  6. micajoieLAc

    Hospital will not hire tobacco users

    I'm afraid this is not going away, several hospitals here are testing ALL new employees prior to hiring, even students rotating through their hospitals. This will no doubt be an ongoing battle that's not going to stop at just smoking...will be interesting to see how this manifests in time
  7. micajoieLAc

    Where have all the jobs gone?

    Just the thought of allowing immigrants to help with a "nursing shortage" is so infuriating!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. micajoieLAc

    Maricopa Comm College Block 1 Books

    Purchase the book box...yes you may manage a discount if you purchase your books all over the internet but part of your savings is off set with shipping cost. Also there are other online case studies and learning material you will have to pay for separately if you don't get the box. After purchasing all that you don't really save that much in the end. Many of my classmates wished they just got the book box.
  9. micajoieLAc

    Question about Gateway CC's FTPN program and taking other classes

    Teacher, I took 205 during the summer at Paradise Valley with -----, Awesome guy! His ex was a Nurse so he's aware of what you need to know. Also one of my classmates in Gateway's LPN program took the accelerated 8 week A&P class during block 1 and works part time. It nearly killed her but she finished with a B in both classes. It's not easy but if your motivated it can be done
  10. micajoieLAc

    Gateway LPN Fast Track

    For anyone that doesn't get in take Human pathophysiology, you will be so happy you did! The class sets you nicely for the first block. The exams ask "NCLEX style" questions which are so different than any other test. In some areas my Pathophys class was more indepth than Block one! Good Luck to all! :)
  11. micajoieLAc

    anxiety attack during an interview

    Sammer, Heart and Jobless have great advice. One of the challenges to interviewing is we never do it. Heart mentioned doing practice interviews with friends and family, I can't think of anything better. Practice makes perfect and the rule still applies to interviewing. Since you most likely will spend time with friends and family over the holidays ask them to tack on an hour or half hour of their time for "Practice Interviewing" If you do choose the med route make sure you know how you act before you go to an interview. Good Luck, Breath and Smile, it happens to a lot of people, it will be ok :)
  12. micajoieLAc

    First Round Of Placement Set For October 5th

    Deeval, You have an advanced placement application to fill out (it's on the Maricopa site). There is not a list like there is for the traditional RN program. They place you based on your HESI-PN scores into whatever program has an opening for Block III. You turn in your app with all your transcripts to the "school of your first choice" So if you need part time then Gateway nights or Glendale Weekends (really Friday and Saturday) all day are our only choices. Hope this helps :)
  13. micajoieLAc

    NP jobs in AZ?

    I would strongly suggest the VA, it's an excellent hospital out here. I know for sure ALL their wound care nurses are NP's and with your prior military service it would make paperwork processing faster. You know how long the government takes to process paperwork. Applying to them can take 6 mos but they have great benefits, pension and a very advanced hospital (no Lift Policy).
  14. micajoieLAc

    lack of preceptor spots MCCD

    Please keep us posted on their progress. As a student moving though the system I would hate to have my education delayed by bureaucracy, though it wouldn't be the first time
  15. micajoieLAc

    LPN to RN Programs

    The Advanced Placement application is listed on the Maricopa Nursing site: http://nursing.maricopa.edu The updated application should drop soon. the trick will be transferring your transcripts and LPN license to meet the deadline. It is usually a one semester wait depending on how you did on the HESI-PN exam. Only Gateway has an evening program and Glendale has a "weekend" program (it's really Friday & Saturday). All others are daytime, nearly every day of the week. You are supposed to turn your application in with your transcripts to your first choice school. All the Maricopa nursing schools communicate with eachother but they want the paperwork at the first choice school. Good Luck :)