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boomerfriend has 3 years experience and specializes in Pediatric ICU.

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  1. boomerfriend

    Stethoscope Question

    Remember, that in patient's rooms on contact precautions, you won't be able to use your own stethoscope anyway (or at least you shouldn't without cleaning it before and after). I found that my cheapie got me through nursing school and a family member gave me money for a graduation gift - then I went and bought a good Littmann pediatric one.
  2. boomerfriend

    Dealing with emotion during patient care.

    Wow Janfrn. Great post. I too work in a pediatric ICU. We see far too many deaths for my taste. I wonder how long I can continue to work in this environment. We have a great support staff for the patient's families as well as the staff. It is extremely difficult, as you said, to see "everything done" for a child that is trying to die. Who's to say they won't get better, however, sometimes I feel we certainly cross the line of "too much". We have an ethics committee as well as several resources for when things get sticky. It still doesn't make it any easier when a family has to say goodbye to their child. It truly takes it toll on the staff. A lot of times the kids that pass are the ones that we've been caring for months on end and most every nurse has had a hand in their care. It touches everyone. Difficult? Definitely. Worth working in this specialty? Absolutely.
  3. boomerfriend

    What is the dress code at Phoenix Children's?

    No restrictions. Most nurses wear scrub tops in their choice of color/print. Some floors wear t-shirts with scrub pants.
  4. boomerfriend

    Phoenix children's hospital

    There's no set dress code at PCH. Some floors have t-shirts they wear with their scrub pants. I know in the ICU, we only wear scrub tops (no t-shirts) but no restriction on colors/patterns, etc. Fun to wear the kid-like prints (i.e. Spongebob, Dora, etc.).
  5. boomerfriend

    CNA Doing Sterile Dressing Change

    I had to look this up for myself (particularly because I didn't know the SOP for CNAs).... It reads: 16.3 Assists with care of residents with special needs. A. Observes and reports the condition of resident's dressings/wounds with drainage. B. Demonstrates care of resident with gravity drains. C. Demonstrates care of resident/ resident with surgical evacuators. D. Demonstrates care of client with sump drains. E. Applies flexible abdominal binders. F. Applies ace and non-sterile dressings. G. Applies anti-embolism stockings and devices. H. Applies immobilizing devices. I. Demonstrates care of resident with feeding tube. J. Demonstrates care of resident or resident receiving infusion therapy. K. Demonstrates care of resident on a ventilator. L. Demonstrates ostomy care. Looks like that CNA is practicing outside her scope even though the RN is documenting what's being done. I personally wouldn't want to be in that RN's shoes when they have to defend themselves in this situation.
  6. boomerfriend

    GAPP at PCH - graduating Dec 2010

    There's nothing posted because as of right now, there probably isn't a GAPP class scheduled. Just keep checking the website. Each care area posts openings for the GAPP class. They haven't been hiring but it's got to change - don't lose hope. It's a great place to work. Keep trying!
  7. boomerfriend

    How hard is being an RN?

    I graduated from nursing school at the tender age of 43 ~ It is NOT for the faint of heart, or anyone that doesn't like body fluids, icky and smelly things. However, the benefits are endless. Yes, it's a tough job. I cannot deny that. The social aspect as well as the physical demands are nothing short of insane. I truly enjoy being a nurse. I always wanted to finish nursing school so don't let your "middle age" stop you. The beauty of nursing is that there's so many fields you can work - you are bound to find one that suits you.
  8. boomerfriend

    NP jobs in AZ?

    I know that Phoenix Children's Hospital employs NPs. Family practice may not be quite the fit but worth a try. It's located in downtown Phoenix but recommend living in the East or West valley as opposed to the downtown area ~ although there are some good pockets to live.
  9. boomerfriend

    Phoenix Children's

    Unfortunately, that is how jobs are filled nowadays - it seems like agencies always refer you to the "website". I've encountered that multiple times... As far as I know, there may be some departments in the hospital hiring for the GAPP but as far as my department - no. It's a great program if you can get in and it's a great hospital to work for. One word of info, they have been limiting their hiring to BSNs and not ADNs just because they can. There's such an abundance of nurses out there right now the hiring managers can be choosy. Good luck!
  10. boomerfriend

    "Student" applying to hospital's. Should I tell them...

    I don't know how you'd include that in your resume but I'd definitely bring it up in the interview - if you get one.
  11. boomerfriend

    Need some advice: NAU vs GCU for RN to BSN program

    I just completed my BSN through GCU in July of this year. I'm pleased with the program although the administration was a bit difficult to work through. I graduated from Phoenix College with an ADN in the old system requiring Patho and Nutrition. I had to take Statistics through GCU but no others besides what was outlined in the RN-BSN program. I also work for a hospital that does the direct bill so, out of pocket costs were around $1400. Definitely do-able.
  12. boomerfriend

    Curious about the new grads not finding jobs?

    I think there's a shortage of jobs period. I have a friend that graduated in December 09' and she's still unemployed - waiting for a new grad program at a hospital. There's few job postings at the hospital I'm at for experienced nurses and they're not offering a new grad program anytime soon. Very strange situation we're in.
  13. boomerfriend

    looking for Danskos on sale

    I personally wouldn't invest the money in a pair of white Danskos unless you plan on wearing them when you graduate. The white are difficult to keep clean from scuffs and marks. Save your money and buy yourself a fun pair after you graduate from school. Most Danskos are 95+ no matter where you buy them.
  14. You need to evaluate where you see yourself working in the next 5, 10, 20 years. What education, experience, etc. do you need to get there? Don't be short-sighted and look at the $$$ today and miss an opportunity to broaden your experience toward something you really love to do. It boils down to - what do you want to do?
  15. boomerfriend

    How to get ped's experience?

    We are always thankful for anyone that spends their time as a volunteer at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Here's the link to get started: http://www.phoenixchildrens.com/ways-of-giving/get-involved/volunteer/ You can request the area you want to work. I think it is extremely helpful to be in the area, see how the unit works, ask lots of questions of the staff (and generally be helpful). That's always a good way to learn. It may not be nursing experience per se but you will have a basic understanding of a lot of stuff after working there a while. For example, you will learn how to make the bed rails go up and down, how the bed locks, how to transfer a patient to and from a bed, what sounds mean what (i.e. alarms, etc.). These are all things that are very foreign to someone who has never worked in a hospital before.
  16. boomerfriend

    Phoenix children's hospital

    A couple more points: the St. Joe's nurses will be given the opportunity to interview for a position at PCH - it's not a guaranteed job change. Also, little known fact is that PCH has a NICU at the Thomas campus as well as the well-known one at Good Sam. As far as opening date, I've heard Spring 2011 and Fall 2011 ~ you know with new builds...it's never ready when they project. We can't WAIT for it to open. We are in the old part of the building now and have lots of issues (water main breaks, A/C problems, etc.) that come from being in an old facility. We had two new GAPP nurses in the February hire and they were both BSNs and previously PCTs on the unit. We've had many PCTs and a couple RTs go back and get and get their RN and they can't get a job at PCH. Sad but true. The usual hires for GAPP are February and (I think) October.