what area of nursing is 9-5, no w/e and whats the pay like? NY

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Im a student nurse and dont see 12 hour shifts working for me. what areas of nursing offer 9-5 m-f and what is the pay like? Im in the NY area....Long Island, Westchester, Putnam


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Well you are probably going to have to work shift work as a new nurse to get some experience. Some jobs are 9-5 like occupational health nursing, clinic nursing, outpatient infusion, home health. But these jobs all require experience and most of them also require a BSN.

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When I was a new grad I got a job in a unit in the hospital that worked 8 hour shifts. Once you get experience you could try a position such as a case manager, they usually work M-F shifts, but some do have to cover weekends.

Hahahahahahaha!!!! That's what many nurses want. You may need to reconsider your entire career path. How is school working out for you?

Working crazy hours, weekends and holidays are basically what you sign up for when you are a nurse. I'm sorry, I realize that is not the answer you were looking for but it is the truth. You need to get what you can take for the first couple of years and then try: school nursing (you will need extra schooling for this), a private office (many don't hire RNs), out-pt surgery center (many use surgical techs) or endoscopy. I'm not trying to be a wise-*** but didn't you consider this before deciding to go to nursing school?

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You might be able to get 8 hour days right out of school, but most likely will still have to do weekends. I had a friend in school that wanted days and 8 hours shifts. She got a job in dialysis right out of school.

Most realistically, the closest you'll get is 3-11 at a hospital right out of school.

Maybe change your major to educator or accounting or something?

The first job that came to mind would be an office job. But generally the pay is much much lower and depending on the type of office, you may lose many of the skills you learned in nursing school. While I was in nursing school I worked in a very busy peds office. They only had 1 RN and she made $13/hr. Case management also has the kind of hours you would like, but I can't see a facility hiring a new grad for that position. Good luck!

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I must have gotten lucky right out of school and I'm very thankful!! I applied to like 6 hospitals, and only one wanted to hire me as a new grad. The rest wanted experience.. grrr. So I started applying to clinic positions... I got hired right away at a large family practice before i graduated. Hours are roughly 830-530 w/ 1 hr lunch. It's not exactly what I want to do, and I'm not thrilled with my environment... it's not a bad job.. just not what I thought it would be i guess. I applied to an endoscopy center before I started working here, and they want me to start working with them. i tried it out for 2 half days and enjoyed it. Hours will be 8/815am-4ish... sometimes earlier, and very rarely later. BUT, I was fully prepared to put in at least a year to hospital nursing and 12 hour shifts when i graduated.

**oh, and the hospital that wanted to hire me was a pretty bad hospital and an hour away... i was offered a job at this office 1st.. thank goodness!

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Ambulatory Surgery Centers connected to hospitals (keeps the pay equivalent to hospital nursing). But experience is almost always required.

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I work 8-4 at a school for autistic children with no weekends. It's not as much clinical experience as I would like but it is extremely rewarding.

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Public health nursing might be an option. I know NC is hiring public health nurses right out of school and there is a huge need. The same may be true in NY. The pay is significantly less than hospital work, but that's sometimes how it goes with M-F vs. shift work in nursing, especially right out of school. Look into the state's public health system.

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