Are there any policies and procedures against workplace bullying?

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Hello All,

Ive been an R.N for approximately 2yrs and am currently experiencing workplace bullying by a co-worker. This particular co-worker has been working at this hospital for approx 8 yrs (I heard) and is known for being a bully. In fact, this co-wworker has been reprimanded on his behavior in the past and recently demoted from a Charge Nurse position due to his past actions. Unfortunately I have become his latest victim.

I would like to know are there any policies and procedures out there to deal with situations such as this? I understand that policy and proceudres may differ from place to place, but Im trying to get and idea of whats out there. Ive tried googling for information but havent found much, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

There are usually policies that refer to a hostile workplace environment. Go to HR and tell someone there what is happening. If he has alreay been demoted, he is probably aware that his behavior is inappropriate.

Have you confronted him already? Told anyone? Are there any witnesses? Don't allow this to continue!!

Best wishes!

No do not confront him; report him immediately via whistle-blower hotline *check HR*

Thanks Merleem and far as confrontation, I have done so to no avail, and now its escalating. I will definitely look for a whistle-blower hotline!

I appreciate the help :).

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Write an incident report EVERY TIME you have to deal with this jackwagon. Your report will go directly to legal. They have no choice but to address it, and your submissions can be anon. Good luck to you.

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Write an incident report EVERY TIME you have to deal with this jackwagon. Your report will go directly to legal. They have no choice but to address it, and your submissions can be anon. Good luck to you.

Ditto this excellent post.

NO ONE should have to endure bullying.

If you tell HR that this jackass is creating a hostile work environment and making you feel uncomfortable I'm sure they'll be quick to check out the situation. Seeing as they have already gone far enough to demote him, I think they would probably believe what you say. And do not confront him, let HR take care of it.

By the way, sit down and write down all the specific circumstances that you felt were instances of him bullying you. Give dates if possible. And from now on, write down every single thing he does that is bullying. I don't know about getting coworkers involved, but you should also write down names of the people that witness each of the incidences. If you contact HR, you might not want to give your coworkers names right away but if they ask you if anyone witnessed the events, you'll have them written down so you don't forget.

Thank You Morphed.

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Check with your HR department to see if your workplace has a "respect in the workplace" policy. Ours does, but it's not really enforced. (At least not in a top-down direction. Everybody knows that feces runs downhill.) The policy should include steps to take in reporting bullying and penalties for repeat offenders. I agree with documenting instances of bullying behaviour and also documenting when you'ver reported it, to whom and what the response was. You might also look into EAP programs that might be available to you.

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Most hospitals have a policy regarding a hostile work environment and your situation would fall under this policy. Contact your HR person for details. You should document the events that have occurred and discuss this situation with your manager. Keep a copy of everything you document. If the manager speaks with him and things don't get better then you will need to file a grievance against him.

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I would suggest confronting him/her but doing so with a reliable witness--sounds like you already did(in reviewing the post) to no avail. HOWEVER, the problem with reporting it to HR and with the incident reports is that IF the bully has any "friends" in HR, the reports can somehow become "lost", and you may suddenly find yourself transferred to another get the idea--you are retaliated against in one way or another. Any mistake you make is blown way out of proportion...these acts are common in our hospital...most all of us who have witnessed bullying in our hospital have learned to keep our mouths shut, look the other way---no, this is NOT the way to deal with it BUT in this economy, NO ONE wants to make waves. There's some new nurse or seasoned nurse waiting at home for the call offering him/her a job.....even if it means being bullied, treated inhumanely....because that paycheck is needed so badly. How VERY SAD that is!

Make no mistake about it....I do NOT condone it, but learned the hard way for reporting a HIPAA violation and then being retaliated against for it(thru a variety of ways by various nurses) for over a year before I'd finally had it up to my eyeballs and transferred. No discipline was ever slapped upon the violator.

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