Are you getting a ADN or going straight to BSN ?

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Are you getting ADN or BSN ?

If I may ask is there a particular reason why you chose that route?:up:



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I'm going for the ADN and then doing BSN online. I chose ADN mainly because I can't relocate and there are only ADN programs through community college near me.


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I am going ADN to get started as an RN ASAP! From there (since I already have a B.E. in EE), I am going the RN to MSN route.

IT jobs go to India/China faster than you can since a nurse's body MUST be in this country, I am going for it! LOL :D


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I have choosen to do ADN and will then do BSN and MSN. For me it is a matter of time and money. For me personally it's like having the best of both worlds. Plus other than the fact that I'd like to return to work when my youngest starts kindergarten in 2 years, I'm in no hurry and have nothing but time to finish BSN/MSN.

For me, with a husband and four children, my education has been all about babysteps. Its what works for me. Small course loads have allowed me to be available to my family while still being able to focus on my schooling and acheive A's in my courses.

Were I not married with 4 children I would naturally do things differently and go for BSN. However, I'm doing things in reverse order(0:


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I will be doing the ADN and then RN-BSN or RN-MSN. Reasons:

1) I have EIGHT possible community colleges near me while there are only TWO colleges to get a higher degree (EL-MSN = so competitive...they only take 18 to 36 students for the year).

2) I already have a bachelor's degree, and to go for the BSN will require TWICE as many pre-req's as for the ADN. It will already take me about 2 years to do the ADN pre-req's and I don't want to wait any longer than that.

3) I will get done sooner and be getting experience

4) I don't even KNOW if I want to go on to do anything upper level like management so it will be a good starting place.

5) It's cheaper! I'm going to quit work while going to school and the CC program costs around $4500 while the BSN is total around $15,000 - $18,000. Seeing as how I have monthly expenses of $1300, I can't see taking out just tens of thousands in student loans like that.


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I'm going for my ADN then hopefully on to MSN. I want to pace myself (got small children) and I can't relocate. I also don't have gobs of money and community college is cheaper.


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I'm going for my ADN. Then I can get some experience and then go for my BSN or MSN. Plus I want to see how much I can handle while dealing with my children.


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I am doing my BSN. I have a year of pre-reqs and then 3 more years of school with actual nursing courses. I more than likely want to go on to be a NP. I'm just out of high school, after already graduating high school a year early, so it just seemed like the better choice for me.

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ADN. I just want to be able to work right away. I don't know if I would get my Bachelor's. We'll see. :)


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Starting at a cc in the transfer program (to cut cost) then going on to get my bsn.

Eventually i want go on to get my msn.


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ADN here. I earned my previous Bachelor's degree back in '97. It did fulfill quite a bit of the pre-req requirements for the ADN program at my school. Here's my reasons why I chose the ADN over the BSN/Accelerated BSN:

1: I'll be out in the workplace much sooner--earning $. In my area at least, pay does not differ between ADN and BSN graduate nurses.

2: Most hospitals will help you pay/pay completely for the ADN to BSN bridge (at least in my area). Why not let someone else pay/help pay for part of my education? Sounds good to me.

3: Financially, it made more sense to me. I do not qualify for any financial aid, so I'm cash pay. $9K for the ADN is a bargain.

4: The school which I have chosen has the best NCLEX pass rates and retention rates out of any school in my area, even including the BSN programs. I also like that the ADN programs are usually a bit smaller than BSN programs so more one-on-one.

5. I'm a Mommy first, student/nurse second. It's important that I am around as much as possible for my little ones while they are still little (2 and a 4 year old).

Long term, I want to become a Nurse Anesthetist. I will have to see if they will accept my Bachelor's as is (some schools don't require a BSN per se, but an applicable Bachelor of Science--which I have--may suffice). I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I also want to wait until my kiddos are a bit older, since that is one tough degree to earn. One day at a time....


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BSN. This way, I would be spending less time in school and I believe that I would get pay more a little more with BSN. :)

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