Are these enough to pass?


I take the NCLEX PN in three weeks. I'm mainly doing NCLEX PN 3000 questions, which I'm almost done with. I'll be starting the Kaplan QBank tomorrow. I do 200 questions a day and read the rationales. Are these two programs enough for me to pass the NCLEX PN or should I include another source in my study plan? Did any of you that passed the NCLEX just study doing questions or did you read content also?

Any tips, suggestions, advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Do not use too many different materials because things may differ and confuse you.

Good luck


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I agree! Too many different programs would confuse me. I just used saunders and lippencott. I read content too, but only what I figured I was weak in. I read over my hesi remediation as well.

Good Luck! You will be successful!!!!!

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remember, dont memorize, you have to understand. best of luck!


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Up to you whether you use one resource or four. Most people are successful using one main resource. Good luck.


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i would study more questions a day if possible.


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Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. I stopped at 85 questions and I feel like I failed. I didn't end up doing Kaplan and just stuck with NCLEX 3000.