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Apply now or wait until next year???

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I am a pre-nursing student and will have all required pre-req's completed in the Spring. Our school's application process occurs once every year in the spring. I have all A's in all pre-req's completed up to this point. Here's my dilemma...I currently have a 1 1/2 year old and another one on the way. I am due in July and if accepted in the Spring, I would start classes in August. I know it's possible but is it realistic to do well in this situation? I am very determined and would like to finish with school as soon as possible but I sometimes think this may be a little too much to handle with a newborn. Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Happy Holidays!


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I would wait a year. In the long run, waiting won't matter and this way you get to spend more time with your newborn. By the sound of it, you should have no issues getting into a school when you apply in a year's time. Congrats on being pregnant!!

I personally would wait a year. You can't get back the time when your kids are little, and so much happens in their first year. For me personally, I wouldn't want to miss out on any of that or be stressed and not able to enjoy it. But that's just me. Congrats on your new edition!


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Well if it were me I WOULD apply, as nursing schools here are so competitive, I wouldn't want to miss a chance at getting in. I do see the other posters point of view though. But at the same time I would do it be because I don't make much now and if I got the nursing program done ASAP I would be able to provide better for my kids.

Your situation could be different than mine though. If you are financially ok now then maybe you do want to wait and enjoy your new child's first year.

I would still apply. My dilemma is that I want to apply for the fall 2013 but I'm itching to have another baby as well. I was really trying to get pregnant now so I could have a baby before the fall semester starts. It didn't work out that way and now I'm just debating on when to have #2. Obviously I don't want to have a baby while in nursing school but who knows if I'll even make it in. Schools are very competitive.


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If INTERESTED were you IN would apply for nursing school now. With nursing school being so competitive. I am having a hard time trying to get into nursing school and I am trying to not to give up. When you have a newborn you will want to stay home withyour baby. But in the end you are probably going to nursing school to provide for you family. I think you should apply and see if you get accepted.If you do not get accepted stay with your baby and try again. I hope I was helpful.. congraulations on your new baby . I Just had my baby girl three months ago. Happy holidays

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Three of my classmates got pregnant after starting LPN school. Case 1 had a baby and was back to school 3 days later also had another child at home. Case 2 worked nights and made Straight As with and husband and child at home, stopped the program close to her due date and never came back. Case 3 had her baby, came back but she had a C section, the teachers forced her out and had her start the next quater it was her first child. Only you know what you can and cant handle.


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Im due July 4th. Im waiting a year because this is my first baby and not sure what to expect. Good luck!

You could apply , most likely and hopefully you'll get accepted, I'm not sure what your school's policies are but if you get accepted you could ask if you can start a different term... I will be starting my lpn class in the spring, I'm due July 14, my daughter now will be 19 months. I'm still going for it. Either way I will have to be away from my babies either way by working or going to school. I know it will be hard but I think it will be worth it in the end for them.


There are several pregnant women in my program. A couple already have already have given birth. It is totally doable if u want to. And you have the support. Next year with 2 small children won't be any easier.

I would say to go for it, when they're that small they sleep most of the time, and if it were me, I would rather go to school while they're younger then older. When they're babies they don't know what's going on, but as they get older they'll need you more. A great sacrifice for them

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I know the first years are the most important, but I honestly would have preferred to be home more now (my youngest is 4) than during infancy. I would go for it now. If it's a two year program you will be done with school by the time your little one is 2 and able to spend more of those fun toddler/preschool years at home.

I enjoyed my babies until the youngest was in second grade and the oldest finished going away to college. Then, I did prerequisites and nursing program. I have no regrets waiting. You have to do what works for your family.