anyone wear Danskos?

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I was wondering if anyone wears Dansko clogs? Iwould like to try some, but I don't want to chuck out the $100+ if they are going to be uncomfortable. I've tried Dr. Scholls clogs and they killed my feet. I have narrow feet with high arches.....anyone else in this boat with me?:eek:


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My feet seem to like them, I have the closed back clogs. I have high arches also, size 7.

Specializes in OR,ER,med/surg,SCU. Yes, I wear Dansko's and think they are well worth the price. They have great arch support. I wear the ones with the polyurethane coating so I can wash them.:p

the site above has a large variety of clogs. Some have the back in them.


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thanks for the input, I think I'll try them. The worst that could happen is that I won't like them, and I'm sure I could sell them to the millions of people who wear size 7.


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They fit everyone differently, and they're also hand-made, so you may have to try on a few pairs to find ones that fit just right. But I've got two pairs now, one that I've had for over a year, and I LOVE them. I sort of justify spending the $100 by the fact that they don't wear out as fast as sneakers do so you won't have to replace them as often. The only problem I have with them is that they become a little uncomfortable if you are standing for long periods of time (hours) without walking around, but I dont' really picture myself 'just standing around' too much as a nurse!


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I cannot fathom why anyone working in medicine/nursing where the possiblility of exposure to spills, needles etc exists, would wear clogs. But that is just me, I guess. NO way in OB at least would I even consider it. YUCK.


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The majority of them actually come with a back...they just appear as clogs in the front....however the back is closed just like sneakers. Danskos calls them clogs.... and they do have a few models of clogs, but most of them are closed back.

They are also very comfortable and have lasted me 7 months of working fulltime without a problem. They are definitely a great buy.


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they're very comfy. I'm still a student, but I've been wearing dansko (closed back) clogs since before I started school. As a matter of fact, i need to make myself go out and buy some other shoes because I'm tired of looking down at my feet and seeing these!

well worth the money, and you can buy them online at the dansko outlet. Several of my friends have friend new or close to new pairs on eBay too, for 60-75 dollars

I saw one of the docs at my clinicals the other day wearing clogs with a purple snakeskin pattern, they were so cool looking! I can't wait to ditch my white shoes.... anyone know where to get funky clogs like this?


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I have one pair of open back and I just ordered a pair of closed back clogs. I love them!! My feet never hurt me when I wear them. I work on a very busy floor and comfort is very important. $100 dollars is well worth it.


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I own a pair of closed back clogs, and I love them too.


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I have had a pair of the open back clogs for 2 or 3 yrs now, don't wear them every day, so they last for a long time. Also, mine are black and still look brand new. I have high arches, bone spurs, and plantar fascitis(??SP), so not every shoe works on me. These are definietly good ones.

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