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Anyone else going to be bored this summer?


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I think it would be a good idea to try to school yourself on what lies ahead. It can only benefit you! Maybe buy your books early and skim thru them. Also, volunteering is very rewarding and time consuming! Also looks great on a resume or good for when you will need letters of recommendation. Try the Red Cross, theyre a great organization and really respect their volunteers! Of course everything is easier said than done! Have fun!

I look forward to being bored, but I did already purchase my books I need for the fall and am on a reading schedule. Peds and OB is in the fall so I'm slowly introducing myself to it. Those 2 books, however, will NOT go with me on my week long beach retreat in August. Ocean City here I come!!!

I am already bored but I know it's going to dissipate starting in June because with my son going to speech and occupational therapy twice a week I don't see the point in paying for daycare he won't be going to. So since I'll have an 18 month old at home and a 3 1/2 year old at home I see a great deal of work in front of me.

Plus I'll get my books in July and then I have this compulsive deal where I have to read all my books before I go to class or clinicals.

Not me. I am going to enjoy my break, and all of this free time to the fullest. I know when September rolls around and the craziness starts again I will wish I had some time off...:wink2:


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I am going to enjoy my break too! I have a wonderful hubby that deserves some undivided attention for being so awesome! I plan on being outdoors, 'playing in the yard' & doing lots of birding. I'm sure I'll read a bit. I'll be working too, but only part time.

last test was on May 14, I'm already bored. 2 semesters down 3 more to go before BSN. I plan to work as a nurse aide or something during the summer to get more experience in a hospital. Of course I can organize my notes from last semester, especially my care plans so I can copy and paste next semester (if it applies).

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