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  1. New 2 iceeYouRN

    License verification

    A friend tested 9 days ago in CA and still hasn't posted either... Hang in there :)
  2. New 2 iceeYouRN

    California BRN

    Hi !! Just wanted to start a thread for Ca residents who have taken the NCLEX and how soon they found their results online... Please post your test date and the date your license posted :) I tested June 29... Nothing so far Ps. According to the PVT I passed :)
  3. New 2 iceeYouRN

    Nursing School Pen Pal

    Hi! If anyone is interested in a pen-pal I am going to be graduating in June from a BSN program and would love to talk to someone who's going to be going through similar this next year!! PM me!
  4. New 2 iceeYouRN

    Magazine Subscriptions

    Depends on your level of knowledge and what you intend on learning from the journals. I'm a 3rd year SN and Nursing 2010 is annoying to me, they don't really cover new information but teach you the basics. I like the American Journal of Nursing because at least they cover new information and at a somewhat not so beginner level. But if you are just starting nursing school Nursing 2010 is a good get your feet wet type of magazine (it's not a journal). I also subscribe to my specialty of interests journal to learn so pretty cool research findings. Good luck! Oh and try a trial issue (free!) That's a good way to see if it's your style.
  5. New 2 iceeYouRN

    Daytonite has passed away...

    I'm at a loss for words. The assistance that I got from her helped me build my foundation in nursing. What an amazing person. I pray for her family
  6. New 2 iceeYouRN

    Nursing Research

    Hello Does ANYONE have advice on a supplemental book to read when reading a text on nursing research? I'm not loving our text book in our research class and I'm looking for something to put the concepts in better/different terms... PLEASE HELP! THANKS!
  7. New 2 iceeYouRN

    What you wished you'd reviewed?

    Hmm lets see... anatomy and physiology... probably the MOST important pre-req's ever. Know where those organs are and what they're connected to. Also, know your physio pretty well.. it will make everything a lot easier in Med/Surg ESPECIALLY electrolytes and their effects on cells like K, Na, Ca, Mg, Phos... that would have made life easier... Also, it wouldn't hurt to get a NCLEX book and take a look at it... browse through the questions and learn to understand what they're asking and how they ask it. The NCLEX questions are the style of all of our questions in my program and it was an adjustment learning how to answer them. Other than that enjoy your remaining months... because trust me, this relaxed calm feeling will soon be gone until you have that RN behind your name...
  8. New 2 iceeYouRN

    LVN same as 1st year RN?

    No, It all depends on what type of program/school you are doing. My friend is doing the LVN at our local city college and her 1.5 years to complete LVN will require her to bridge into their LVN-RN program for another year making her 2 year RN actually 2.5 years. However I am at the university doing my BSN and in our first year we learned way different than they did. They cover all the specialties where as we dont start specialties like Peds or Psych until 1.5 years in/3... so just be sure you read into the fine print ALSO, one thing she didn't anticipate was the 1 year waiting period you have to do before you enter the LVN-RN program.. they make you work for a year as an LVN before you can become an RN. I'm sure not all schools are like this but be sure you check it out!! Good luck
  9. New 2 iceeYouRN

    Working the night shift

    Wow, I've been doing night shifts off and on for about 4 years now. It's HARD! I work only part time so that's 2 12hr shifts fri/sat night. I have nursing school mon-thurs. On my thursday nights I switch my schedule around. I end up taking a nap during the day sometime or even the early evening and stay up as late as possible. This ensures that I can sleep during the day for the night I have to work. If you get a good nights sleep sometimes you don't even need caffeine! Just remember it can be hard to sleep during the day with the sun light shining in so consider some paper sun shades to go in between the blinds and your window. They're nice because the come with little clips to keep them pulled up during times when you are a day person. Food This is hard. I've done it all... typically I like to wake up (around 5 pm) eat a light bfast which may be like half a sandwhich and an apple or something like that. Then I'm at work by 7 and typically around 10 I'm hungry again. Then eat a small snack like yogurt and cheese or whatever is light. I find it best if you save your big meal for around 2-3 AM. The later you put off your lunch the faster your night seems to go. Now try not to over do it because thats when you could feel your worst. So have a normal lunch sized meal. Last when you get off you may be hungry. You havent ate much during the night so have a good meal then too if you need one. I still like to eat bfast in the morning hours (even though it's night). Hope this helps some..
  10. New 2 iceeYouRN

    Faculty evaluations

    Its funny you ask because we just got "lectured" on evals. In nursing, whether you are in a BSN or ADN program you are expected to be a mature, responsible adult. If you have problems with a professor it is your responsibility to attempt to address this problem before the end of the qtr/semester. Evals are not the time and place to gripe if you haven't exhausted your options during the quarter. If you truly felt that your instructor was dangerous and unprofessional it is your responsibility to speak to the team leader of the course, the director/dean of the department but remember to follow the chain of command. At my school (BSN) anytime the professor receives bad marks they are required to respond to the remarks in a written statement and attach it to the eval. Just remember, these professors are going to see the evals and may recognize your handwriting so don't do anything outrageous that you might regret. Just be sure that you have attempted to address the situation instead of leaving it to eval time. Best of luck!
  11. New 2 iceeYouRN

    Do you use a nursing bag?

    I use one that I got from our local nursing union, it's like a messenger that zips. They're good because you can make sure that you keep your essentials in this bag only so you never show up to clinical without, say your stethoscope or pen light...
  12. New 2 iceeYouRN

    The "Curve"

    our pass rate was 88% last year...
  13. New 2 iceeYouRN

    The "Curve"

    So after being in a BSN program for my second year I have come to have mixed feelings on the "curve". Many instructors do it many different ways, whether it be by extra credit questions, or using the highest grade and tapering accordingly, or whatever. However I have come to feel uneasy about the curve. It inflates our grades on exams an avg of about 8-10%. I have heard a professors theory on the curve and it once pacified my concerns, however I have forgotten what she said. So I'm asking you all out there, what is your theory on curving nursing exams, and what theories have you heard for rationales by professors? Thanks!
  14. New 2 iceeYouRN

    Albumin and Protein levels

    Albumin is also an indicator of nutrition status... I think...
  15. New 2 iceeYouRN

    TB Positive

    So I recently had my yearly TB skin test and came back positive. I've worked in the hospital for years and it's very possible I've been exposed to a TB pt on numerous occasions. I went to the doctor and now I'm going to be on INH for 9 months. How many of ya'll out there have gone through this? thanks
  16. New 2 iceeYouRN

    the ICU book

    Hello! I'm a student nurse looking to specialize in critical care and was wondering what ya'll thought of the ICU book by Marino. It's written by a doctor which gets me wary. I was wondering if anyone has it and could share their thoughts on it, I'm looking into purchasing it but it's kinda pricey so I wanna make sure it's even worth it. thanks in advance!