Anyone else feel this way?

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My first semester of nursing school is just around the corner ( aug. 20th ). Just like any other person waiting for NS to actually begin, I'm excited, anxious, and nervous. What's surprising me is that as it gets closer and closer to the date, I am feeling kind of scared! I've been waiting so long for this moment that I am afraid I'm going to get in there and screw it up! Is this fear a normal feeling? Anything I can do to make it go away?

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I think having no fear is probably more worrisome. Try keeping your self busy. Start skimming through your text books and brushing up on dosage calculations. The first day will be here before we know it. :)

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It is completely normal. I am going into my 3rd semester and I am excited yet scared. I want to be a nurse so badly, yet I hear horror stories of people failing. It scares me even though I got a 92 in semester I and a 93 in semester II. But that fear, I think is what keeps be on top of my game. I don't think I will stop being scared until I pass my boards. Just channel that fear into trying hard and you will do fine.

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I understand what you are feeling, and I am positive we are not the only ones.

It is the fear of failure that is creeping in, and it is natural. Making the decision to embark on a journey that you hear so my others fail out can sure scare the bejeezus out of you. But I feel like there are those of us that know, deep down, that this is what we are meant for. If we do the work that is required of us, we will make it through.

Exactly what atchdee said.... I have a huge fear of failing because I'm not smart enough. But I try to remind myself that I got accepted into the program, which many people can't say, so there must be something in this big noggin of mine! Keep your chin up :)

I am also nervous, but I am very determined! I am 48 and I feel it is now or never.

Good luck, everyone!

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I too start on August 20th, and I am feeling the same things that you are. I think my anxiety comes from the unknown. I have so many questions, and no answers until my orientation on the 20th. I think once I go to orientation, and settle into the routine my heart will settle down - maybe it will be the same for you

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Experience is the only thing that makes the anxiety and fear go away.

Thanks for the feedback! Knowing I'm not alone I feeling that way makes me feel better! I'm going to try to enjoy these last three weeks before school starts.

some of you might have heard me tell this story before. i was nearly four years out of school and had been staff in this fabulous icu for three, and i was actually pretty good at it. one day i was in the break room with sarah, a nurse of more than a decade's experience in the unit, one who could take every kind of patient that rolled up the hall, who was never flustered, always expert, always willing to teach and explain. i asked her when i would stop feeling scared when i sat in report.

she smiled and said that every day before report started she felt a pang of anxiety, but that it passed when she started working. she said that when that little stab of fear went away she would have to go somewhere else, because it's what keeps us awake and sharp.

i never, ever forgot that (and here i am telling that story again, smumble-mumble years later), and i am happy to pass it along to you.

congrats, keep up the good work. what program are you in LPN or RN- Yolanda [email protected]

So I guess my fear means I'm on the right path! Haha. I am starting an ADN program. ( RN)

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