Anyone afraid of the "Real World?"

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Ok Y'all!

Only 4 more weeks left of nursing school for me! Anyone else?

It's totally overwhelming that they will let us out into the real world in just a few weeks.

It also amazes me that even with all our whining our teachers have the confidence that we will all pass N-CLEX!!

Anyone feeling the crunch?? Just would like to hear how many of us will soon join the ranks of "Real Nurse"


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I graduate in May. I, for one, can tell you that you aren't alone. I'm feeling the same real world anxiety. We have our PreRN exam Tuesday, and I'm worried about passing that one, much less the NCLEX.

Fellow students are reporting the same trouble. But, we got through all these years, we can make it through this.

Hang in there!


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I am definitely afraid of the "Real World". I graduate in 6 weeks and took our nursing comprehensive (N-CLEX style test with 265 questions) today. I don't think I did too well on it. In our school you have to pass it or you don't graduate. You can retake it as many times as needed at $200 a pop. I am stressing way too much.

I was offered a position in the ER at a rural hospital but would rather work at the level 5 trauma center nearby. Any thoughts on how I can use the job offer to get in at the trauma canter as a new grad. The good thing is I worked as a nurse tech in telemetry at the larger hospital for 18 months.

Good luck!!!:eek:


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It will really hit you when you wake up the day after nursing school is over. However, you will do great. I know that it feels overwhelming right now and it will for a while, but you will do great.


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I am terrified of the "real world"!!! I am afraid that the people at my new job will think I am completely stupid & wonder how on earth I made it through school. I am pretty worried about the NCLEX too. I freak out over exams when I know what subjects will be covered!!!! I think the way we are feeling is normal, hopefully it will get better soon! :)



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abnurse, I took that test before I graduated and made like a 13% or something horrible on it. I passed my NCLEX the first time with 75 questions. So don't worry. Good luck everyone. You guys will do fine. :)


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I'm not really skeered. I guess that comes from my experience as a Student Nurse Intern. Not only do I carry a patient load, but the RNs I work with are wonderful with showing me things I will need to know.

More than anything, I'm EXCITED!!! I can't wait to come home from work and NOT do homework, careplans, teaching plans, etc.....

I wish you all luck in your new futures as RNs!! :D


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Ummm...I am sort of nervous, but not really. I still have about two months to go. This past quarter has been a real transition for me. Everything clicks now....labs, diagnoses, meds. Also the local hospitals are very good with new grads and start them off slow. However, if I have to move, I will be scared poopless. I guess before I worry about working, I should get me a job. Have the applications and plan on filling them out by the end of the first week of spring quarter.


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I'm not scared at all I feel totally prepared to handle anything that will come my way......... yeah right!! I keep telling myself that I will be able to handle the transition from extern to RN but I am really scared. There's just so much to do and know. I just keep thinking thousands have gone through the same thing and they made it (most of them anyway) ;) We can do it, too!!


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i have 3 more semester after this one but wanted to wish each of you contunued success and keep the faith as i am positive you each will pass the nclex and make great nurses.


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Hi Misty! At the beginning of this semester I had a lot of anxiety about graduating and being on my own. But so much has just fallen into place in these last few months. I feel more confident in my patient and organizational skills, and I'm very excited about the job offer I received that now I can't wait for graduation! The staff in the department that I'll be working seems very supportive, and I can't wait to get in there and start learning from them.

Stephany, thanks for the encouraging words! Best of luck in your studies. The time will go quickly and you'll be at graduation before you know it!


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May I offer some advice for the real world? Please do not take the first job offered or rush to employment because your fellow students have gotten jobs. When you are out of school the competition is over. Take your time and find the nursing job that is right for you. Some of my fellow former classmates jumped the gun and are in positions that they do not like. I hope that you when your done you find the position that makes you glad you became a nurse. Good luck.

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