Anybody really love your job?

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So I am a new RN and am ridiculously surprised by how many RNs hate their job! What I've seen is that hospital management is so incompetent and disorganized and that's the main reason why most of the people I work with hate it. They all love their coworkers but the hospital politics are awful. I am just curious if this is something I'll always have to deal with or if there are some of you out there that have an awesome job that you love. Whether it's in a great hospital or in a completely different area, I'd love to hear about it! I'd just like to know that there is hope out there for me and some other opportunities besides hospital nursing.

New grad, one year out, Level III NICU....LOVE my job! :redbeathe

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I love parts of my job..I do love my co-workers, I think that is what keeps me going back. I love my pts, I love the care I give. Do I like all the documentation that takes time away from my pts.. NO. Do I love the hospital I work for.. NO.. I love parts of it, the pay, the benefits. But the politics etc I could do without. I don't think any one is 100 percent happy with the job they do or the company they do it for 100 percent if the time.. You,we have to take the good with the bad..

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"So I am a new RN and am ridiculously surprised by how many RNs hate their job! What I've seen is that hospital management is so incompetent and disorganized and that's the main reason why most of the people I work with hate it"

As part of hospital management, I take great exception to your comment.:mad: What many nurses who work in hospitals fail to realize that it is a business which does not always allow for management to do whatever it is staff wants done. Secondly, you are a new RN and it is your perception that your coworkers hate their jobs, ask them this, would they be happy in another field and do they not think that politics are in every industry.

With that said, I actually LOVE my job. Are there days I'm not in love with it yes but since becoming a nurse twenty years ago I can honestly say I never hated my job. I love my patients and feel that I have and still make a difference in their lives. I influence the new generation of nurses just as much as they influence me.

Please take a moment and reflect on politics. Are you going to be one of those nurses who complain about things or are you going to be one that help facilitate change?:idea:

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I think that politics play a role in every single job in the world and at some point and time, frustration takes hold and it may seem like everyone hates their job. I truly believe that all nurses love what they do for a living but are aggravated with the constraints placed upon them.

As for the managers, they are kind of caught in the middle. They get it from the staff by not giving them what they want and they get it from their bosses when they do give their staff what they want. It is quite a thankless job in my opinion.

My best advice to you would be to try to not linger near those that complain a lot. Those are people who are either chronic complainers, need to move to a new position or maybe just need a vacation. The more positive people you surround yourself with , the better. Negativity feeds on itself.

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I can say without hesitation that after 20+ years in multiple hospitals and departments that the job I have now is one I absolutely LOVE. I also HATE it for the exact same reasons, but still, I love it. I have NEVER had a job with more heartache yet more satisfaction.

Working in the OR here I've seen the ugliest trauma on the face of the earth and the most horrific injuries that you can't even imagine how they're still alive. I will NEVER forget this place (nurses and docs) or these soldiers and marines. EVER. EVER. EVER.

I love LRMC - Selfless Service - Hooah! Ooh-rah!

Nope...being a new grad on a med surg floor with too many patients, admits, and discharges has got my head spinning so that I can't think straight and it takes away from providing good quality care. If it wasn't for being overwhelmed and having to take care of certain patients, I would love nursing as it provides new learning opportunities and chances to help people. Thinking about nurse practitioner or nursing home...

I love what I do and my coworkers as many nurses do. The management is an issue. Not my nurse manager, but administration. I've been doing this for 25 years, so I know the hospital has to make money to give me a paycheck.

I do think administration has lost sight of their employee needs. I know there are rules and regulations that the hospital has no control over you just have to do it and get over it. Some of that is the charting and documentation we do.

I think what administration has lost sight of is that their employee's are people with needs, feelings, and lives and families outside of the hospital.

No one in administration even knows who I am and I've been there 25 years. I realize they can't know everyone, but more recognition needs to be given for time served.

I know money is tight right now, but a pat on the back or a kind word goes a long way. All we ever hear about is what we are not doing right.

Back to your question though, I do love nursing, not the politics.

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Like everyone I have moments of frustration, but I truly do love my work as an OB travel nurse.

I think OB has the highest level of happy outcomes, though when it's bad, it's really bad. Those situations however are when you are really needed.

As a traveler I stay out of "politics" and know that even the worst situations are temporary. I can vary my work setting (small, large, low risk, high risk) and locations so I am never stagnant.

I had to take some time off this past summer to go do some things at home and after a couple of weeks I was bored out of my mind! Definitely not ready for retirement!

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I love ER nursing. I don't love a lot of my coworkers (but I can work with them), and I don't care for hospital politics or any other drama. But I love ER nursing. Bottom line, that's what keeps me in it. I'm good at what I do and I am thankful that I have a job that serves people and helps those in need.

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I love my job! I don't like all the CYA charting, but it's still got to be done. I love being able to spend some quality time with my pts and families. I feel very honored to share the last weeks, days, and hours with my pts. It is truly humbles me. I'm well paid, great beenies, awesome co-workers. Management is awesome. I've been at my current job for 4 years and I'm currently back in school. I plan to stay on with my employer when I graduate.

Sometimes I have to deal with a PIA pt or family, but I just remember that they are going through a hard time so I put on my Barbie Doll Nurse smile and see how I can improve the situation. I hope you can find a job you love!

I'm a new med-surg nurse and getting ready to go off of orientation this week. I work at a smallish community hospital. I had clinicals, precepting, and shadowing at two large teaching hospitals as well as clinicals and working as an NA while in nursing school at the community hospital I'm now working for as an RN. After spending 96 hours of precepting at the large teaching hospital I wouldn't want to work there. The atmosphere was toxic with gossip and employee discontent (not to mention turnover). Employees were treated like numbers instead of people. I love my job at the community hospital. But then I have an exceptional floor manager. Our Senior Exec makes it a point of coming up to our floor to tell us what a wonderful job we're doing. Once he asked what "fueled" us and the unit secretary answered "chocolate". He had his wife make two of the most decadent chocolate cakes for our floor within less than a week; one for day shift and one for night shift. Other than the part of being a new nurse with the whole overwhelming learning the ropes part, I love my job. I also realize how tenuous that sort of set up is. All that has to change is one person in the whole chain of command and it could all be much less pleasant. To make me even happier, my starting pay is exactly the same as it would have been at one of the large impersonal teaching hospitals and my orientation was much longer and more thorough than what I've heard I would have gotten at one of them. I'm sure eventually I'll find something to dislike about my job, but right now I'm very happy with the career I've chosen.

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