Anybody get accepted with a GED?

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I'm getting all my paperwork together for my LPN program and it only just dawned on me how having my GED instead of a high school diploma might affect my chances of getting an acceptance letter. I've got my mind on it and now I can't stop thinking about it.

For those of you that have your GED, did it make it anymore difficult getting into nursing school? I'm probably worrying too much but I just can't help it. :(

By the way, my GED score is 2640.

I'm sure you will be fine!! I would imagine there are plenty of people with GEDs that get accepted.

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Although I have an old-fashioned high school diploma, many of my former classmates in the LVN program that I attended had earned GEDs.

I have a GED as well.

I do not believe it has anything to do with being accepted or not. I had to take a TABE test, as well as a CPT test, and scored high in both. My last year of High School was 1989, and I got my GED in 1994!

I think it is the TEASV score they look at the most, and your GPA, but every school is different.

We shall see, as I am still waiting to hear if I am in or not this fall.....

It is amazing all the "what If's" that come to mind while we are waiting. I know I cannot change anything at this point, so I am trying not to think about that, and focus on the game plan IF I dont get in. Figure I will start my RN pre reqs if I am denied this go around....

Oh, and good Luck Julie19!!!! Keep us posted.

I have a GED and I'm received my acceptance letter to begin the lpn program in sep "12" be honest they didn't even ask about it during interview...if u made it to the interview stage I'm sure it won't affect you!!!...A GED is not a sign of shows hey look i still did what I had to do!!!!....good luck!!!

You'll be fine, a GED wont ring an alarm. Trust me. I think you're just worried. Its normal. Before I got in yesterday I was asking my husband, "what if they lost my application", "what if they don't see I'm taking summer classes, then they'll think I wont finish pre reqs in time". It was bad!!

There is a girl in my class that has a GED. She also has 2 years of pre ursing though...

I doubt it will hurt you, but if they have a limited number of spots and you and another aplicant are tied for the last spot, but they have a diploma, they might choose them. I doubt it would be relevant in any other situation.

If you have time and you are really worried, do something to make yourself seem like a better candidate, maybe get a certification in something or volunteer at a hospital.

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I really don't think it's relevant once you have college coursework under your belt. If you were applying for a straight-out-of-high school, four year nursing program at a university,, maybe, but I'm sure you'll be fine.

I once knew someone who was accepted to nursing school with a GED. Community colleges in my state admit any adult who has the capacity to learn and a need for an education. Don't even need a GED. You will do fine. And BTW, that person eventually became a nurse practitioner, so that shows one can go through the entire education path by starting with a GED. Good luck.

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I have been accepted to nursing programs, lpn & rn, with a GED. its not an issue. they mostly look at test scores. Dont worry.:)

Thanks, everyone! I'm feeling a little better now. :o

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