Anybody else dreading going back to school?

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I have had a month off since the end of summer semester and it has been so nice and relaxing. And in a week and a half I go back. I will have classes 6 days a week. I am really not looking forward to that but I am grateful to just be in school finally. Anybody else dreading fall semester?



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yes, somewhat, but I am glad that i will be graduating this semester!!!!!


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I've been kind of at a loss this month without classes. Almost like..."I know there is something I need to do but, what is it that is missing?".

I'm glad to move ahead toward my goal of graduation in May so that then I will have a "normal" life again!


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I am just dreading getting used to a hectic schedule once again, and only getting 3 hours of sleep a night. Other than that I am so excited. I will finally be starting my actual nursing program. I have worked hard for two long years of pre-reqs to get where I am at right now. I also know that with each semester there comes an end and this brings me one step closer to my goal. I think about my first semester back in college and how scared I was. I actually threw up b4 my first algebra test, and cried all the way home afterwards because I thought I had failed. This was my first college exam, and I made an A. That is now petty to me and when I get discouraged about the upcomming semester, I think about past semesters and how much easier it is to reflect and realize how anile I was. I don't remember the lack of sleep or time studying but how great of an accomplishment it was for me.


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Actually I'm looking forward to getting back in school. With everything else going on in my life, school has been like the calm in the storm. Believe it or not school has been the easy part in all this. I'm actually looking forward to studying and test taking again after the summer off. Another way to look at it is: the sooner we get through with classes the closer we are to our goal(which isn't being a student, no pay, long hours, under appreciated, debts etc, etc : D ). B.T.H

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I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, but I will sure miss all the screw-off time I've had over the past 2 months.


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I'm ready to step closer to my goal. But, it sure is going to be hard to get back into the swing of things..


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Originally posted by maire

I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, but I will sure miss all the screw-off time I've had over the past 2 months.

Ditto Maire


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I'm dreading going back to school knowing that I won't be starting my actual nursing program....but I'll get over. I'm taking A & P 2 and Psych. 102 in the I'll get to get out of the house 3 evenings a week....:roll.



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I am both looking forward to it and dreading it. I love school...really I do! I like to learn, and see how far I can push myself, how much I can achieve.

But, I am still not sure what to expect from the Nursing Program. With no one ahead of me to warn me...I'm pretty much on my own (I don't know, maybe this is a good thing?;) ) But, I DO know that I will be incredibly busy, with A LOT of studying. And I am SO nervous about just starting. I am a transfer student from a CC to the university here in it will be different in that respect, too. MUCH BIGGER!

Now, if it would just hurry up and GET here! (I start on Aug 25)

manna, BSN, RN

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Actually - I can't wait for classes to start back up!

I have the slightest bit of worry in the pit of my stomach - I'm taking on alot this semester, 13 hours, 2 kids, my full-time job, housework, a struggling marriage...

but I've learned I thrive on stress and commotion. If there's nothing going on, I get bored and lazy... I like to always have something to keep my mind churning.

I think I'm one of those people who'd be a professional student if I could afford to! LOL


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What classes are you taking Manna?

I'm psyched about school as well, but its a new school so I'm a bit nervous.

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