Any Suggestions For Key Note Speaker...someone Inspirational For Our Pinning Ceremony

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Please....any advice would be great!!!!



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originally posted by rn2b-4months4me

any suggestions for key note speaker...someone inspirational for our pinning ceremony??????

please....any advice would be great!!!!


i would accept but i may be busy that day! :)

seriously, hello and welcome to the board!

humm, what about a previous student from your college?

let us know who will be the speaker.


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Hi there!

I started this thread but had to change my case you were wondering...

I'm new here...I am a student nurse...president of the Nursing Club....writer on the school paper....have a per diem job in a hospital (Maternity) as a student nurse .... 34 yrs old...good husband....12year old son whom i homeschool!!!!

Now i am in charge of getting a key note speaker for the pinning ceremony....

we want someone real inspriational....


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Do you have a budget?


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We are still in the planning stages and have some funds already allocated and can raise what we need if we dont have enough...there are only 26 seniors left from 71 so we really want to make it nice....we are a close knit class:)


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Joy Ufema would be great...she's in PA; you can get her addy from Nursing 2003. She has a column every month.

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I don't know where you are, but if it's near to NY, I woud nominate Lura Gasparis Von Frolio , Nurse Entrepenuer and and Educator extraordinairre, and funny too!!


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how do i get ahold of these speakers?:confused:

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Above are good...

Joy Ufema, RN, MS


Clinical Specialist in Death and Dying and Pain Management

6 W Richardson Rd, Airville, PA 17302

Laura Gasparis VonFrolio

also consider

Elizabeth Norman, author We Band of Angels


Email:[email protected]

Bernice Buresh and Suzanne Gordon, authors of " From Silence to Voice"

Most famous persons can be found doing a search via

How about State Nursing Association President/Officer, ANA Board of Director member or even most inspiring educator??

or a 20 year RN, 28 years in healthcare who's still passionate about nursing and an advocate to boot...I'm reasonable ;)


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wow you guys are awsome...thanks for these leads....does anyone have any idea how much good speakers usually charge????

Oh and keep the ideas coming, please, in case the ones mentioned arent available for that date...


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Wow that is a small class. My graduating class had 250......I guess it would depend on your budget.



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How about one of the 'minor' speakers from the NSNA conventions over the past few years? You could look through past brochures or on their website I suppose.

Maybe call your local newspapers, hospitals, state nursing association, etc. and ask around to see who they might recommend.

Personally, although I know she's home on bedrest now and don't know if she'd even be willing or when you need her for sure, but I'd like to hear from / talk to the creator of The Student Nurse Study Lounge (crnasomeday website).... NurseLou here, maybe??? I can't for sure remember her name, but the website is way kewl.

Also, seriously, many of the more 'popular' posters here would be inspirational and funny. Any of them would be a delight, and WOW, how awesome to have them come share their years of experience and wisdom.

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