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Any "50-ish" Pre-Nursing Students?


Hi Everyone,

I am new to posting here. I do read posts on occasion although Anatomy keeps me pretty busy! I was hoping to meet others near my age and hear your stories.

I am 51 and have another year of pre-requisites and I will apply to the local JC's ADN program. It's on a lottery system which has its pros and cons. I take one science class per semester and am fairly well challenged, but am holding my own with Bs.

I never finished college and once I finish the ADN program, I'd like to get my BS, hopefully the hospital I work for will pay!

I have 3 kids and a very supportive DH. Sometimes I get feeling like I'm too old for this and then I learn something new and it gives me the resolve to keep going. I love all that I'm learning!!

Looking forward to meeting you!


I am 56 and just started my 3rd semester of an ASN program. As far as I'm concerned, it is never too late to start. I will be almost 57 when I finish this program and plan to start on my BSN prereqs immediately upon graduating. Just keep plugging away at it and you will reach your goal.


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I'm "only" 35, but still feel quite a bit older than many of the students going through their first round of college courses. I think that our experience beyond college age can only help us juggle the course loads we're headed for along with families. I wish you all the best, I'm sure the work will all be worth it in the end.


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I'm 49 and I'll be like 52 when I'm finished. Some days I feel like my brain cells are to old for this...and then when I do very well on that A&P test or another test I feel that maybe I'm not to old after all. I'm taking 5 classes and carrying four A's and a B+...not so bad for an old brain. LOL! I agree that our life experiences help us in our various classes. I do extremely well at time management...thanks to all those previous life experiences and raising 4 children. I'm still working as a Birth Doula and Lactation Counselor and have a new baby grandaughter.

I work hard in school and mostly enjoy it.

Just keep plugging away and good luck!!

Hi Elle! My name is Betty I am not 50 ish I am 42 but I am a single mom of 3 children 2 are in elementary school and the baby was my" 40 surprise your pregnant " LOL. I am currently taking pre req's waiting to hear If I got into my school's nursing program. I love school never had a chance to go when I was young. I am so excited to get into nursing and I think that as an older student I am more prepared, more focused, than I would have been when I was younger. I am definitately more organized. With everything else we have in our lives we are still able to go to school and learn and be great at it. I say you are never to old................Good luck and I think that you will do great!!!:yeah:

Go for it!!! I wish I had gone this route 2 degree's ago, but that's hindsight. I say it's never too late to engage our synapses. Good luck to you...

Hi Elle!

I'm 40, and am just emarking on this whole process. I'll be about 45 by the time I'm all done, if all goes according to plan! Good luck to you! My DH is 48 and although he isn't planing to go back to school he totally could, he's just as sharp and hungry for knowledge as ever.

Hi again, Elle here.

It's nice to know there are others out there who are going for their goals at a more, uh, "advanced" age! The thing that helps me through is the perspective I have that I didn't have when I was in my 20s and first considering a nursing career. I volunteered for one shift at a local hospital and I was done! Simply put, I was immature.

I wonder if any of you ever struggle with balance. I suspect there are many who do. Sometimes, I feel as though I lose days because I am so engrossed in my studies. Then, I realize I've only managed to get a day of exercise in! I'd love to hear about how all of you manage to find balance.

Just taking a break tonight from my studies about blood and the heart to see how others are doing. :)

Hi I just started my pre reques this semester I ma 51 my name is Frank . THis is the best thing I have ever done good luck

I go to school with a nursing student who is 50-51, can't remember exactly, but one of those! She is a GREAT student, actually one of the best, and we all love her because she has life experience, is like a second Mom to all of us. always gives us great advice and motivation, she's highly respected. She does great, and went through some hard times through nursing school, but still got through it. I don't think it matters your age at all. I'm sure you bring with you a diversity of experience to the nursing field, and that's a great thing! =) Good luck to you on this wonderful adventure!

Hello all & Elle,

I am 48 and just got into an LPN program which will start in January 2010. I am somewhat nervous about needing to get along and relate to other students potentially 30 years older than me. I have accomplished two other dreams in my life, namely being a chef, and being a homeschooling stay at home mom. The idea of nursing is a resurrected dream of being a Dr. - really a healer - from when I was in college and thought I didn't have what it took to be pre-med at a top college. I didn't even try as I wasn't very confident and not that motivated. But now, because of the economy and scarce jobs and having gotten fired from a job where I made decent money I have a chance to pursue a new dream. I am truly overwhelmed at times but have been learning many things about myself and what really matters in this time "off". I want to learn to be a nurse to help others in a direct way and I am fascinated by the human body. I am in favor of a wholistic, less medicinal way to care for folks but I figure that I can contribute love to all I meet in this profession in a way that I could not doing accounting work.

Thank you for starting this topic. I enjoyed reading the responses and feel less alone in my third dream pursuit!

Hi Kind2all,

My DH used to be a chef. He has the best knife skills; I call him a human Cuisineart!

Initially, I questioned my studying to be a nurse because I also try to use a more wholistic approach when it comes to health care. In talking with a friend who feels the same, we realized that we won't be diagnosing people and that they are still going to need care and that is where we come in as nurses. Once I got this sorted out in my mind, I felt that I was truly on the right path.

Nice to meet you!


Yes, I agree with you about people needing nursing care - which seems to me to be part nursing/medical and part care. I think that although prevention and taking good care of oneself definitely will make the populace need far fewer healthcare interventions, even if everone started taking really good care of themselves today there would still be a population who needs the intense medical model of care because it was too late for them not to need care. So, we can fit in doing the caring part and contributing regardless. Can you tell I am still trying to work this out for myself?

Good luck in finding your answers. Deciding to become a nurse was a process and I knew I needed to be certain about what I was doing because the road was going to be a long one. I am going to begin a course of volunteer work at a local hospital to find even more certainty. I can't wait!

I am 48 and going to finish RN-AD in May, rcvd LPN in July. Have son in JH, son in college, very supportive spouse. Don't ever doubt what you are doing. we rock! difficult task? they ask us. difficult patient in clinical? they give them to us. always complimented on how positive we are. There are several 50ish students in my class. Our motto, "What's the worst that can happen? they can't eat us!" This we say before skills labs, tests, and clinical. We ask the questions the young ones are afraid to ask. We are better at negotiating with the instructors and everything else. We get more respect when we do clinicals because we are closer in age to a lot who work there and a lot of people in the hospital. Don't ever give up!

Can anyone tell me about the times listed on these posts? I know I didn't write my last post at 1 am. What time zone are the times listed in? Thanks in advance for your help.


I am starting nursing school soon. I am currently a PCA - Patient Care Aide working with Alzheimer's patients in their home. I lost my job last January and this is a career change for me. I turned 50 this year! I love helping people I feel it's God's work and it feeds my soul.

I already have 4 degree's so not sure how much college I will need. Going to an "information" session next Monday. Then I can apply. The people at the community college are not so helpful, maybe they are overwhelmed?

I am looking forward to getting an advanced certification and making more money to support my daughter through college. Am a single Mom...

God Bless,



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I'm 47 and have been working on pre-reqs for a few years. I graduated LPN in August and got my license in Oct. I"m now working at the health department on the H1N1 vaccination team.

I applied for the RN transition program to start in May 2010. If all goes well I'll have my RN the following year and it'll take me another 5 semesters to get my BSN. I hope to have my BSN by the time I hit 50.

I'm single and my youngest is 18. I'm enjoying my freedom to finally do what I want to do with my life.

Once I sell my house I'll be free to go wherever I can find a great job as a new grad RN.

Woohoo! Life is great :)