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Back at school pursuing what I should have done years and happy about it...

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  1. FirmlyAnchored

    Freaking out over FULL summer classes

    transient-student red flags!!!
  2. Well, it looks like I've got my year planned and it's only April!!! (CHM, STAT, ETHICS, MED TERM.-summer. CHM2, MICRO-fall) Am I the only one who (or is that whom? OMG I still have to take the TEAS and NET) that can't wait for the next session to start? Oh, but wait I haven't even finished Spring 2010 LOL...
  3. FirmlyAnchored

    Anyone wishing to start BSN in 2012?

    I'm applying in January 2012 to Jacksonville University and University of North Florida. Enrolled in Chemistry, Stats, Ethics and Med. Terminology for the summer. Organic Chemistry and Microbiology, TEAS and NET in the fall. Good luck to everyone...
  4. FirmlyAnchored

    I need your guidance. - Accelerated BSN ???

    Wow, I am impressed that you are 24 and have multiple degree's. You have great gpa's so what's another test to you? Just bite the bullet and take them you'll have more options to choose from...
  5. FirmlyAnchored

    Accelerated BSN or entry level MSN

    Assuming you have all your pre-req's, Teas/Net test, letter of recommendations and essay questions completed then apply to both...
  6. FirmlyAnchored

    Teacher editon textbooks vs. student edition?

    I have found an answer, my fellow classmates said that it is up to the Professor some do allow it. I'll post his reply. Maybe this will help someone else one day...
  7. I've been looking online to purchase my college algebra textbook and they are cheaper than the college bookstore. First of all I am not looking to cheat. (I do all of my homework). My intermediate textbook gave the answers to the odd questions. I am just looking for extra help. Has anyone purchased them before? I am dreading this class... Thanks for your help...
  8. FirmlyAnchored

    What classes are you taking Spring 2010?

    I'm taking: APII with lab Human Growth and Development Human Nutrition College Alegebra Pre-req's for various college's are all different so I'm trying to cover my bases.
  9. FirmlyAnchored

    Happy, Nervous and Burnt out

    Finish line??? I really don't think so... LOL.. Just another hurdle and on to the next... tests, tests, tests... Just take it one step at a time... You'll get there...
  10. FirmlyAnchored

    Any "50-ish" Pre-Nursing Students?

    I just finished my first AP paper and was so excited, then I remembered my age. I'll never have to say - I wish I could of because I am. Yes, I wish I was 20ish but my classmates treat me as an equal. We (OK classifaction of 50ish students) know a lot because we've been there or done that or witnessed that and THAT is what we can bring to the table. I love this thread and forum. Thanks new friends...
  11. FirmlyAnchored

    FCCJ/FSCJ LPN Admissions Spring 2010

    My mailman rang my doorbell and hand delivered my rejection letter yesterday. Not that I was expecting that big package or anything at this time. 390 applicants for 24 spots , yikes. Sorry we didn't make it this time. Keep working on your pre-req's and try again!!!
  12. FirmlyAnchored

    FCCJ/FSCJ LPN Admissions Spring 2010

    You applied for the RN program as well, with a 188? Darn, you are close!!! Keep trying for the RN program!!! My mail doesn't come til 2:30 here.
  13. FirmlyAnchored

    FCCJ/FSCJ LPN Admissions Spring 2010

    Guess I'll be getting mine too. A friend of mine applied with a 9.1 and she hasn't heard either. OK now what?
  14. FirmlyAnchored

    FCCJ/FSCJ LPN Admissions Spring 2010

    Well, that is NOT what the Nursing Department told me last Friday. I've changed my mind about this program anyway. Good luck to your friend!!!
  15. FirmlyAnchored

    FCCJ/FSCJ LPN Admissions Spring 2010

    How did you hear this and from whom? Certain people? Please clarify...
  16. FirmlyAnchored

    FCCJ/FSCJ LPN Admissions Spring 2010

    I've only applied once silly. And thanks for the kind words. Yes, it would be great if we both got in. I'll post regardless of the outcome. (Fingers crossed.)