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  1. FirmlyAnchored

    Rn to BSN

    I'm not sure if you are chemo certified or not, just another option to go for... Your hospital will probably pay for you to pursue a BSN, so why not?
  2. FirmlyAnchored

    New grad RN starting oncology nursing tomorrow!

    I'll try to take a stab although I am a student nurse oncology intern at a hospital not a cancer hospital. Sounds to me like you will be dealing with cancer patients that are having cardiac problems. So knowing how to read and understand the telemetry monitor will be important. An oncology patient maybe having a cardiac reaction to a cancer drug; who knows? every patient is different. You'll get a much better feel once you are there. Congratulations on getting the job! Best of luck to you!
  3. FirmlyAnchored

    Rn to BSN

    I am not a nurse yet but I am in a BSN program. I'll be 52 when I graduate! I would have graduated this September but my ex-husband had leukemia and I took care of him until he died last Oct.. It was a wonderful "until death do us part" kind of thing for me. I had to step back from school, help myself and kids readjust to life without him. I landed a coveted paid internship in oncology this summer at our local hospital and love it. Some of my classmates are my oldest daughters age I've become great friends with many of them. Any who, my take is- 50 is not old go for it you'll never regret it. I've even had one of my mentor's tell me to go to med school, imagine that!
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  5. FirmlyAnchored

    JU summer 2011 hopefuls

    See, you never know... Congrats to you !!! It's a great feeling...
  6. My insurance doesn't cover immunization's so I took the advise from a previous poster and went there. Here's my take... I had my primary physician order titer's and physical. I haven't gotten the bill yet but I am assuming it will be between $300-$400 for that. sigh... My advice would be to be immunized again rather than getting titer's drawn. Northside Medical Clinic fee's- Physical - $40 HEP B Titer - $25 MMR Titer - $30 Varicella Titer - $30 CNP and CBC- $20 Flu vaccination - $25 Chest X-Ray - $65 HEP B Vaccination - $50 each ( vs. Walgreen's Clinic - $100 each) MMR Vaccination - $65 (Walgreen's - $96) T -Dap - $50 (Walgreen's - $70) Varicella Vaccine - $100 (Walgreen's - $150) Tetanus - $25 (Walgreen's - $70) I just checked Solantic's price they are slightly less than Walgreen's but you'll have the added expense of an office visit. HEP shots seem to be a problem as they are not kept on hand. However, I recieved all my required shot's in one fell swoop! In conclusion, I would advise going to the clinic; I would have have a couple of hundred buck's had I known. I'll forewarn you- it is a walk-in clinic (pain management, as well) and no insurance is accepted. But what the heck we're going to be nurses anyway and we'll see a lot worse. All in all, I felt that the staff was great and had a great camaraderie and IMO it was well worth it.
  7. FirmlyAnchored

    Wait listed Hopefuls... Celebrate or Commiserate Thread

    Bumping my own thread with an update... I'm off the waitlist... Yesterday, my mailman rang my doorbell and hand delivered my acceptance letter! He wanted to be the first to see my excitement, LOL. However, I had recieved a call the day before and had already known. It was a sweet gesture after stalking him daily... It was one of those "God Winks" moments... SQuire Rushnell has published a series of When God Winks books, very encouraging and uplifting, a must read, IMO. Good luck, wait listed hopefuls... your time WILL come.
  8. FirmlyAnchored

    JU summer 2011 hopefuls

    We were on the plane now off the plane. Going to Chicago connecting to another flight and then a 2 hr drive. Leave 3 am Sunday to be back in j ville by noon on Monday. But yes I'll get to see my boyfriend tomorrow if we ever leave here tonight. Thanks for asking!
  9. FirmlyAnchored

    JU summer 2011 hopefuls

    No they had an extension til tuesday so it's only been a few days.
  10. FirmlyAnchored

    JU summer 2011 hopefuls

    I was third. I'm sitting in the airport now because I has to accept a seat at another school out of state. Their orientation is tomorrow. So I had to decline and accept a seat in the same day! Crazy but relieved that I won't be rushing to move now. Both start may 9. I'm so excited keep the faith anything can happen from now until may!!!
  11. FirmlyAnchored

    JU summer 2011 hopefuls

    Just got called of the waitlist, yippee I'm in...
  12. FirmlyAnchored

    JU summer 2011 hopefuls

    I am a waitlisted hopeful and according to my calculations...$553/per credit hour Summer 12-18 credit/hour Fall/Spring $12,650 Summer 2011- 12 credit/hour $6,636 Fall 2011 -14 credit/hour $12,650 Spring 2012 - 14 credit/hour $12,650 Summer 2012- 25 credit/hour $13,825 Hope this helps...
  13. FirmlyAnchored

    Criminal background check

  14. FirmlyAnchored

    University of Florida Accelerated BSN Program Fall 2011

    I don't want to step on any Albert's toes here but... a bicycle or a scooter would be my vote... Well, I live in J-Ville and had to weigh cost/balance's, travel time, parking, housing etc. to go to UF... Lot's of off campus housing near campus and busses (omg a GRE word I remembered, LOL). AND you must love orange and blue GO GATOR'S.......
  15. FirmlyAnchored

    HAPS Exam for A&P

    I've taken it and you can't really study for it, hence comprehensive. Best to review your notes and refresh your memory...