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dear members,

it seems im the only member in africa , what i does every time i sit in front of my pc to read others discussion.

hey im giving up in this because nothing concerning me

i need to hook up with you guys there lets exchage ideas , experience we have one thing in common ....

have lovely week

" give me somewhere to stand and i will move the earth "

gwenith, BSN, RN

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Welcome Kohoro!!! We have one other African member (that I know of) and I am sure when she comes on the board she will say Hi!

We have nurses here from everywhere from China to Australia to New Zealand to the Solomon Islands to England and Denmark and Sweden - All are welcome.

We sould LOVE to hear about your experiences. So many issues are the same no matter where you are in the world that I am sure we can share.

Just one thing - when you type using capitals signifies you are shouting. I actually "hear" it as a shout!:chuckle


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Please stay! One of the things I love about this board is the opportunity to talk to people from all over the world.

I'm an American who has worked with a number of health care workers from Africa. My hospital has several residents - mostly surgical residents - from Ghana and Nigeria. I've worked with a nurse and a nurse's aide from Ghana, and a nurse's aide from Sierra Leone who is starting nursing school this semester. I haven't met anyone from Kenya, yet. I'll have to mention this site to some of them.

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Kohoro, what type of nursing do you do? I have worked with a number of nurses from Nigeria, and the differences between our countries is amazing! I work in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit, and all of our Nigerian nurses were midwives in their countries. They have been some of the best nurses I've ever met.

Please don't give up so quickly! Look at it this way: You're making history! We have so few posting members from Africa; I'm sure we'd love to get to know you better!

I hope that you continue posting. Part of what makes us better people is learning more about other cultures. Perhaps you could start a thread telling us about the conditions for nurses and patients in your area? You said that the topics that are discussed here don't apply to you- well, please introduce some topics that do! What are the issues for nurses in Kenya?


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Hi Kahoro,

Please keep posting. While most of our members are in the United States, we do have members from many other countries. Please let us know what concerns and issues you would like to discuss. There are many differences in nursing around the world, but also many similarities.

I have been to Kenya, and went as part of a medical group. I visited health facilities, both in the ciity and in rural areas, and spoke with nurses, doctors and midwives. It was a fascinating experience. Your country is very beautiful and I hope to return one day.

Hope to hear again from you soon! ;)


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Kohoro, even though I am not in Africa, I would be very interested in learning more about you ---where you live and nursing there. Please, don't leave. Great friendships can form and a lot can be learned here. WELCOME TO YOU!!!!!!

jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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Hello Kahoro !

Love your name ! Yes, please don't run away ! You would certainly add much to the BB and we are interested to hear how things are in your country... the only way we can learn and interact is if you stay and we share together !

Please feel WELCOME ! :)


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Welcome Kahoro:D,

Wow great to have you onboard! I would love to hear about nursing in Africa! Where in Africa are you?? What kind of nursing do you do, and how long have you been a nurse???

SharonH, RN

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Kahoro, please stay. We would love to hear your perspective on nursing in Kenya. Welcome to the BB!


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OOps didn't see her location was Kenya..:chuckle


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than you all for your encourangement , i just finished registered nursing course the other day currently waiting for response to places that i had applied for a job i will be keeping in touch




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Hi there Kahoro! I am originally from kenya as well. I am in Minnesota however. I hope to get into the nursing program next Fall.:cool:

Have you foung a job yet? What are are you interested in? Good luck!


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