Any help with ABG interpretation


Any quick reference on how to analyze abg's for the nclex.....



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I found it helpful to talk to a Respiratory Therapist.. if you have access to one. If not, any nursing book should have it..look in the RT sectio nof the library or Barnes and Noble... Good Luck!

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Whao! These are very good sites for ABG interpretations. I just finished reading most of the three sites. thanks a lot!


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Good references. Thanks for posting.


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I can give a tutorial.. only that Im located here in PI.. heehee...

im confused if its uncompensated or compensated...but i use the tic tac toe methos

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ROME - Respiratory Opposite, Metabolic Equal

Line pH, PCO2, and H2CO3 values and determine if each is normal, high, or low. Compare pH to the other two values. If your arrows go in the same direction, the condition is metabolic, if they go in opposite directions, the condition is respiratory. Low pH is acidosis, high pH is alkalosis. As for compensated versus uncompensated, if either both pCO2 and H2CO3 are out of their normal ranges, it is more than likely compensated because one value has gone out of normal range to compensate for the other. Also, if pH is within normal range and the other two are out of range, it is most likely compensated.

Hope that helps.

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