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  1. New grad position Neuro ICU or CVICU

    CVICU will serve you much better as a CRNA.
  2. CCRN

    I just passed yesterday. Used Pass CCRN question bank, Kaplan book, and AACN online review. Overall, it was difficult but just doing practice questions over and over again was the most helpful.
  3. Nursing assessments for abnormal CVP

    Our docs/NPs ultrasound the IVC to monitor fluid status. Are you sure that's not what your's are doing?
  4. oxygen sTaturations

    Amniodarone is my pet peeve. It's AMIodarone people.
  5. Paracentesis.....bottle shortage

    We're using standard wall suction... How do these shortages keep coming up?
  6. Can anyone help on care plan?

    For airway I would probably do impaired gas exchange r/t COPD. Also, why were they intubated? Mental status change, blood loss? Good things to know to ensure you're finding the right care plan. Risk for bleeding and risk for infection I agree with.
  7. Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses course

    I'm taking this class at the end of October. Any tips?
  8. Tidal Volume of and Adult Ambu Bag

    I don't know how much is delivered but I think adult ambus are 2000ml in the whole bag. Clearly we don't deliver that much volume - but a place to start...
  9. Clinical tidbits I wish someone would've told me.

    Also protects your eyes from splash back of blood when some is Hep C or HIV pos.
  10. ICU nurses: Do you check cornea reflex and gag reflex q4h ?

    To assess corneal reflexes I start non-invasive and become more invasive if I cannot elicit a response. I start by touching their eyelashes - if they try to blink they have an intact corneal reflex. From there I do saline drops in the eyes and if tha...
  11. Running multiple drips into one line

    I line up and connect as many 3-way stopcocks as I need for all my pressors and connect them all to the port on the CVL with a 10ml/hr carrier behind them. Everything runs into its own stopcock and the carrier brings then to the pt a little faster.
  12. Hypothermic policy

    My hospital uses the arctic sun. I love it. You set it and it does everything automatically. Pts on the cooling protocol for cardiac arrest are usually 1:1.
  13. ICU Nurses I Didn't Know You Could Do This???

    You forgot the briefly asystolic patient when someone flushes the line without withdrawing the drug first...
  14. Shift differentials?

    $5.00 for evenings $7.00 for nights $4.00 for weekends
  15. MGH is offering new grad ICU internship for $11.44 an hour?

    There were 35 or 36 that started in the ICU program.