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Another Casualty of "Recovery"


Tonight I heard another sad tale of a Nurses life thrown into disarray by the actions of a callous, faceless and imbecilic representative of the Nazi state of monitoring land. This poor guy completed a couple years of the program and was working the swing shift at a nursing home. No nurse showed up to relieve him at midnight. He was given the choice of deserting the patients in his care or violating his monitoring contract as he was the only nurse there without supervision. The other nurses on his shift left him there even though they knew his situation. He tried to call his supervisors but nobody would relieve him. This being the case he stayed and cared for his patients until he was relieved in the morning. The caring folks from PNAP found out and violated his contract. Basically they made him start all over again. He can't work as a nurse again until he does 90 in 90 again. The time on his contract starts from day one. There are no allegations of drinking or drugging it was just that there wasn't a supervisor on sight. This is a hard-working nurse who supports a family. Merry Christmas from the caring professionals at PNAP. I want to throw up. Just when I think I can't be more disgusted with these cretins I am

That's pitiful! What was he supposed to do- just walk out and leave the patients unattended? That's a violation too!

I'm not looking forward at all to dealing with the monitoring board . I know it's coming soon though. As you probably remember, Feb will be 2 years since I self reported and met with investigator.

I feel very blessed to have a nursing job right now. The hours are long , but I really like dialysis.

Best wishes to you!

oh my gosh. This is horrible. Can he take this to the board and pled his case? I mean that's abandonment.

I have always wanted to do dialysis. I hope once I get through this outpatient rehab 1 will hire me.

Dialysis companies are very recovery friendly from what I hear. I know Fresenius is , that's the company I work for here in MS.

Hoping and praying you can find a job in dialysis, it's so different from any nursing I've done in my 20 years of nursing and I've worked in the hospital, long term care, medical clinic and home health .

Another plus is there's very little charting. Charting in h health was horrible!

He needs to lawyer up and fight it. That would be an easy win. Like I've said before, these programs are nothing but income generators for certain individuals. At least in Texas it is. Lawyer up. Just my 2 cents

How did his monitor find out? Someone had to have turned him in. From what I've seen around here.. most places are so desperate to have coverage (even though they won't hire anyone) they often "stretch" the truth when it comes to supervision.

I believe this poor guy had the temerity to tell the truth to his case manager in his monthly report and when she confronted the facility they said it was his fault and tossed right under the buss

How on earth did the facility say it was his fault? Does he still have a job there? He can't come back in 90 days so just wondering.

I see this more as the pigs in charge of the nursing home being at fault here. Not totally exonerating the PNAPers, but this is fairly typical in a lot of nh pigstys.

I sure hope he raised holey hell with those pigs the next morning...

It seems that he hopefully will prevail with his monitors.

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He needs a lawyer. That is some serious BS.