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Wizard 1 has 12 years experience and specializes in ER, ICU/CCU, Open Heart OR Recovery, Etc.

12 years experience in ER, ICU/CCU, supervision in LTC. Currently working in my own business from home making aromatherapy essential oil blends and incenses. Loving that!

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  1. Nightingale Nursing ... On its Deathbed?

    It is a hard thing, but where we are. Kudos to you for looking out for yourself.
  2. Leaving nursing

    I left nursing, eventually started my own business, got my license out of suspension and on probation. Now the state board where I was originally licensed wants to keep me on probation for reasons that I'll not go into here, that have everything to d...
  3. Of interest to Indiana nurses and others ... Read in its entirety: Indiana Nursing Board Discriminates Against Nurses Seeking Opioid Help: DOJ
  4. How Could She Have Died?

    Great article! It masterfully illustrates how important taking a good history is, even with a "young and healthy" G1P1. If the suspicious symptoms such as the persistent headache, "not feeling right" and visual deficits in an otherwise healthy woman ...
  5. IPRP Affinity Testing

    Most excellent! Congratulations!
  6. INPRP completion anyone?

    Congratulations! Good on you! *hug* You did it!
  7. post consent agreement=unencumbered

    I'm pretty sure that even if the licensure status is unencumbered, it stays on NPDB. It also stays on Nursys.com and more than likely can be found on the state's licensure site. Nursys and state licensure sites are searchable by the public.
  8. Definitely change your screen name to a pseudonym. Listen to your lawyer, don't bring details here, and don't talk to anyone that tries to get information. Welcome to AN. You definitely have support here.
  9. TPAPN- I’m done! Here’s my story/advice

    Most excellent! Congratulations!
  10. INPRP completion anyone?

    I wouldn't think they'd Spring that on you the last minute. Usually if something's wrong you'd have been notice. This close to your contract end date, I'd say that you're probably OK if you've followed instructions and handed in everything you've bee...
  11. IPRP Affinity Testing

    I'd be very assertive about finding out what is going on here. Do you have it in writing that you're supposed to be tested X amount of times? Did they give you a number? I'd be very surprised if they attempt to extend your contract. They can't ...
  12. INPRP completion anyone?

    I had to be pushier than I felt I needed to be, and eventually contact the program director, who confirmed I was eligible for completion and I got the completion letter within the hour. This was not in the last year or so, it was before they changed...
  13. They should be force to retire

    Funny that states are now calling doctors and nurses who have retired to come and help care for Covid-19 patients. Age has nothing to do with this. Remember that if one lives long enough, one will become an older nurse. Be mindful of that...
  14. Should I disclose arrest without conviction?

    It depends on what the application for licensure specifically asks. If it asks only for convictions and does not specify expungements then most likely you aren't required to disclose. Double check with state law to make sure and read everything car...
  15. Anyone else being GPS tracked?

    Get a license defense attorney and discuss this with them. I used to attend online meetings at home. Back then affinity was not requiring check out, only a sign in. I believe it does say somewhere in the Big Book of AA that, "when one or more a...