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  1. Wizard 1

    Where to start?

    I'd find an attorney that specializes in employment issues asap. Did they report it to the Board of Nursing? If that is the case then search for an attorney that does both. Also get your own test done, urine and hair test.
  2. Wizard 1

    It's Official!

    Congratulations! Follow Spanked's advice and have a great life!
  3. Wizard 1

    It's my birthday!

    Super duper happy for you! Make sure you have your completion in writing before you break out the soy sauce, though. Well done. Thank you for being here!
  4. Wizard 1

    A Recovery Poll, Sort Of

    The statement above about not having to worry about drinking too much water and not having to live in fear are salient. Additionally, it is nice to not worry about using hairspray, air freshener, cologne, hand sanitizer, cortisone cream, and the million other things that regular people never give a thought to. Even though alcohol was not an issue for me, I still don't get behind the wheel if I've had even one drink. I completed monitoring two years ago, and don't plan on doing that. Uber is a great option, or drink at home. As far as meetings go, when I heard the God Squad stuff, I'd cringe. I practice a different religion, so I'd deal with the uncomfortable feelings and move on, working with myself in terms that were tailored to my practices. No one ever bothered me about it. If they had, I would've had numerous sources to cite within the program literature supporting me and would not have been afraid to speak out.
  5. Wizard 1

    Best/worse experience in monitoring. Please advise

    It has been two years since I successfully completed monitoring. Much of what I could add has already been said but I can add one thing. The last month of my monitoring, I test positive for alcohol (I did not consume). I went from getting ready to complete to limbo, quickly. My caseworker's attitude towards me changed. I kept hearing "we have to discuss this" and "continue monitoring for now" for weeks, during which they decide to do an ETG on the original positive result. This allegedly was positive. I kept pressing for resolution. During these extra weeks I was tested again, which was negative. They continued to string me along, until one day I contacted the program director to inquire into my finishing the program. He contacted me back, stating that the ETG was NEGATIVE and I would be successfully discharged within a few hours. I was, but before the final papers were sent I also requested a copy of that ETG, and downloaded all my other test results. All those weeks of worry. Those that are on the other end have no idea how much worry. The second guessing one's self, the sheer panic (how did this happen? I have not used or drank, but THESE PEOPLE THINK I'M LYING, etc), and the evasion on the part of my case worker. The case worker that probably didn't even know how to read the test! The test in question, on the results, was VERY OBVIOUSLY negative. I know that for some, these programs are lifesaving. But there are many, many problems that really need to be addressed...but who's going to do it? Nurses are likely not going to, because that would make them "troublemakers" and put a target on their back. There needs to be real accountability and oversight in state governments for these programs. I'm not just talking about the Board of Nursing. There needs to be an advocate for nurses (and other professionals) that are caught in the no win situations these programs create, within the state government, that is not connected to either the program or the Boards, that can intervene in these situations on their behalf. I do not mean a lawyer. I mean an office within the government that can help the nurse and is accountable to the citizens of that state. These programs are out of control. The casualties are plenty on this forum.
  6. Wizard 1

    Drug urine test after 12 hour shift

    I'm so glad to hear this. How are things going for you now?
  7. Wizard 1

    Double digits!!

    Excellent!!!! This is so good to hear! Congratulations!
  8. Stick to your story and with your attorney. Something smells bad here.
  9. Wizard 1

    Over 2 years now , do I need a lawyer?

    Get the lawyer now, while you still have the time to deal with it.
  10. Consult with your lawyer. Something doesn't smell right here.
  11. Did you keep a copy of the specimen you submitted?
  12. Wizard 1

    UK nurse waiting for 10 years for USA

    Maintain your citizenship with the UK.
  13. Wizard 1

    Ohio Board, Kentucky Board

    Find a lawyer who specializes in arguing cases before the Board of Nursing/licensure litigation. Do that before going forward with KARE.
  14. Wizard 1

    Filing a complaint question

    Doesn't sound like there's much evidence. If you do ever hear something get a lawyer and fight it.
  15. Wizard 1

    Nervous!! Counting down the days....

    Good luck. Breathe. You got this! That said, there are a few things. DO NOT get overconfident and take/drink something until you have the letter formally satisfactorily discharging you from monitoring in your hand or on your hard drive (backup that too). Not that you would but it happens. If you run into a hiccup, such as a positive or a dilute test, know your program rules. If they try and railroad you get a lawyer and fight them that way. Lastly, if you know you followed instructions to the best of your ability, DO NOT let those *******s win. You can do this. Almost done.