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ER, ICU/CCU, Open Heart OR Recovery, Etc
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Wizard 1 has 12 years experience and specializes in ER, ICU/CCU, Open Heart OR Recovery, Etc.

12 years experience in ER, ICU/CCU, supervision in LTC. Currently working in my own business from home making aromatherapy essential oil blends and incenses. Loving that!

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  1. Wizard 1

    Should I disclose arrest without conviction?

    It depends on what the application for licensure specifically asks. If it asks only for convictions and does not specify expungements then most likely you aren't required to disclose. Double check with state law to make sure and read everything car...
  2. Wizard 1

    Leaving HPRP-Work Suggestions?

    Seconded. It is harder than you think to just walk away. I learned that the hard way. You can't.
  3. Wizard 1

    Requirements for completing INPRP

    Congratulations on being this close to completion! I'd say that unless there is a reason to extend your contract, or you haven't completed it successfully, the end date on your contract is the time when the madness should stop. Have you been told you...
  4. Wizard 1

    Just got out of rehab...help!

    I second the above. If no one knows, all the better. Where you might run into issues is when you renew your license, if you are asked if you've been treated for alcohol or drug dependency since your last renewal. If your state doesn't include that qu...
  5. I am 50/50 on cross training. I think it depends on how it is done. Putting an OR nurse in a bedside nursing situation, when that is not the nature of what they do on a daily basis, doesn't seem like it is a good idea, and the same for taking Labor/D...
  6. Wizard 1

    The COVID 19 Battle Cry for Retired Nurses

    Good for you! I wish you luck! I tried, but being on Probation in another state basically put a stop to that. I didn't even want anything like bedside nursing, I wanted to do what you are going to do. But they said no.
  7. Wizard 1

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    It isn't worth the risk. Period.
  8. Wizard 1

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    You are so not a coward. I'm planning on returning, to volunteer to man the Covid-19 phone lines for the state hotline. I'm not doing direct patient care, because no one can guarantee I will have the PPE I need. I am not going to do anyone, any good,...
  9. Wizard 1

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    I'll help man the Covid-19 phone lines, but no way am I going to do direct care.
  10. Wizard 1

    Call to action! Nurses in Monitoring Programs

    Thank you Hppy for starting this conversation. I don't agree with all of the Levels, but this is a good way to at least get some ideas out there. I also think working with a legislator is a great idea, in terms of doing more with a chance for creatin...
  11. ^^^^^^May be one reason why hospitals are forming mega corporations. I also agree that nurses need to lobby strongly to be a separate "cost center" and not bundled into "facility costs". What, I wonder, do administrators actually DO and how does th...
  12. Good article. One thing I might add is that sometimes one does look at old records if a patient presents with symptoms that the nurse knows something is going on, but cannot put their finger on exactly what that is. ED nurses have a nose for things t...
  13. This is one option. The first is that the profit motive is removed from healthcare. In the old days before money and profits became the primary motivator, caring for people was the priority and experienced nurses were valued.
  14. From bbyrn: "More or less like many other nurses have commented, but in my own words: Is anybody listening (ie active listening like we are supposed to do) and do they have the commitment and power to make the necessary changes? How do we find these...
  15. Wizard 1

    In the 44 days since end of contract for me, I have.....

    Great to hear from you, Cats. I have been out for a few years. It took me some time to get used to being able to eat and drink anything I want, to not worry about checkins, not worry about how much water I do or do not drink, not have to worry about ...
  16. Wizard 1

    Do you miss it?

    I don't miss my doc benzodiazepines. Not at all.