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ER, ICU/CCU, Open Heart OR Recovery, Etc
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Wizard 1 has 12 years experience and specializes in ER, ICU/CCU, Open Heart OR Recovery, Etc.

12 years experience in ER, ICU/CCU, supervision in LTC. Currently working in my own business from home making aromatherapy essential oil blends and incenses. Loving that!

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  1. Wizard 1

    Voluntary surrender..cant find work

    If you surrendered a license in one state, it will put you on the OIG database, which would render you unable to work for any healthcare setting that accepts Medicare/Medicaid regardless of state.
  2. Wizard 1

    Happy New Year

    Hey there! Happy New Year!
  3. Wizard 1

    Discipline and Expired License

    Get an attorney that specializes in administrative law and professional licensure defense. Don't try to deal with one state, let alone two, by yourself.
  4. Wizard 1

    OIG list

    I waited years after I was eligible for removal from the list, to apply for removal. I followed instructions to the T, didn't overdo or underdo things. I told them why I felt I should be removed and gave them what they asked for. If you do that you should be fine. I have been.
  5. Wizard 1

    Well I’ll be!

    Hang in there, friend. Just a few more days. *hug*
  6. ^^^^^^May be one reason why hospitals are forming mega corporations. I also agree that nurses need to lobby strongly to be a separate "cost center" and not bundled into "facility costs". What, I wonder, do administrators actually DO and how does this directly relate to patient care?
  7. Wizard 1

    Are You Cut Out to be an Emergency Department (ED) Nurse?

    Good article. One thing I might add is that sometimes one does look at old records if a patient presents with symptoms that the nurse knows something is going on, but cannot put their finger on exactly what that is. ED nurses have a nose for things that don't add up.
  8. This is one option. The first is that the profit motive is removed from healthcare. In the old days before money and profits became the primary motivator, caring for people was the priority and experienced nurses were valued.
  9. From bbyrn: "More or less like many other nurses have commented, but in my own words: Is anybody listening (ie active listening like we are supposed to do) and do they have the commitment and power to make the necessary changes? How do we find these people and impress upon them the emergent needs for nurses? Myself? I write my State reps and senators, sometimes feds, with research showing all the things that the nurses write on allnurses. I also talk with my colleagues in a non-provocative way about writing the politicians." ****Especially note the last paragraph. Also important to inform via phone calls and follow up. Continuous, persistent, committed action. Schedule a meeting with representatives and senators and those running for political office, bring good data about the value of nursing care, inform them about what nurses really do, and remind them regularly. Get involved. Change doesn't come from the top down. It comes from the rank and file and the grassroots.
  10. Wizard 1

    And just like that... it's over.

    Congratulations on successful completion!!!!!! Hang in there KY. You got this.
  11. Wizard 1

    Upcoming chemical dependency eval

    I would be prepared to discuss your clean time, what kind of work you do to maintain that, how you handle difficulties, and especially what you have learned. Emphasize the positive and be candid. That said, answer questions that are asked of you but do not give more information than is asked. Prepare yourself ahead of time, make written notes, and take notes during the interview. Remember to breathe and pay attention to your body language.
  12. Wizard 1

    In the 44 days since end of contract for me, I have.....

    Great to hear from you, Cats. I have been out for a few years. It took me some time to get used to being able to eat and drink anything I want, to not worry about checkins, not worry about how much water I do or do not drink, not have to worry about hidden things in food that might potentially cause problems. I still count my blessings to be free of that.
  13. Wizard 1

    Do you miss it?

    I don't miss my doc benzodiazepines. Not at all.
  14. Wizard 1

    Random, eh?

    They would say, "It's random" but what defines "random" ? This makes me think of machine land in the Matrix.
  15. Wizard 1

    Today I get my life back

    Most excellent! Enjoy!
  16. Wizard 1


    Most excellent! I'm very proud of you, and know how long of a haul it has been. I think the best piece of advice I can give, is LIVE. Be grateful, every day, for your blessings.

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