DOJ finds nursing board discriminates against nurses with Opiod Use Disorder

DOJ finds nursing board discriminates against nurses with Opiod Use Disorder


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About time a nursing board changes their ways. 

All this talk about acknowledging nurses and their mental health... we're starting to see some light now. 

I honestly put in a complaint with the CA DOJ about CA BRN and how they process complaints regarding nurses with disabilities. 

So thank you for posting this. We have to stick together. 


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Wow...I was addicted to opiates after several injuries in 2003-2004.  My Dr. was prescribing me 120 oxycontin and vicodin for breakthrough pain.  This was right when Big Pharma (purdue) was convincing Dr's that oxycontin wasn't addictive. Long story short I got Hooked and never High. However the sickness of withdrawl was unbearable.  I was a relief charge nurse in the ER.  I had to take the meds just to function.  It got to the point that I turned to street drugs, HOWEVER I never missed work and never diverted any drugs.  The accusation against me was that I filled in a RX with 3 refills (which I did do because I was desperate)

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Hopefully this opens the door into investigation of all states that are discriminating in their monitoring programs, BONs, and facilities. Additionally, I feel that it should be uniform across all states, not just Indiana. I encourage people to look up their states policies and fill out short form on the Department of Justice website to create a report. Hundreds of thousands of Nurses have been a part of the epidemic and are now recovered and trying to build their lives back. 

Times are changing, thank Goodness!