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  1. BSN - in recovery

    If you can't find a specific one that applies to only alcohol then I'd ask them if it's okay to do the CE on substance abuse/recovery in general. Alcohol is a drug too so they probably lump it all under the same umbrella for the purpose of nursing ed...
  2. Tell me about your nurse manager

    Yes! I am not Asian, but I too was shy, quiet, and it took me about a year before I started to develop a backbone and enough confidence in myself to get the nurse bullies steering clear of me. ...which is normal. Let's skip the stereotypical BS...
  3. Charge nurse soloing me out

    At one point in my career I thought this was happening to me also, and I also took it personally. I even tried to think that maybe they just believe I am THAT competent to handle higher acuity pts. Found out that it was just that the nurses who...
  4. Did She Violate Patient Confidentiality?

    That's true but it usually takes an hour at least to be admitted and seen, let alone anything else. So that number probably would have changed by the time he was leaving anyway. Could he come back with some kind of lawsuit....that's the real question...
  5. Did She Violate Patient Confidentiality?

    I would love to see more of these type of thought provoking questions! I'm glad you posted it!!
  6. Did She Violate Patient Confidentiality?

    A BAC that high would constitute a medical emergency. I'm surprised he was able to make it to the ER driving himself there. I'm surprised she hadn't noted other signs of obvious impairment, rather than just an alcohol "beverage" like smell. I'm surpr...
  7. Hello Pain my old friend........

    I had pain issues also that was not managed correctly and I turned to opiates would lead me into addiction and a suspended license. I wish I had a good alternative for you. Maybe check out fb groups on chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, and there's one call...
  8. This is really messed up, I know….

    I get what you mean. I think you might be in the same boat I was years ago. If anyone would've said I was ungrateful, I'd tell them to kiss my arse....and probably not that kindly. My desire to just drop everything and be cared for was somethin...
  9. This is really messed up, I know….

    Many years ago, as a RN and a mom to 2 young children, I often said to myself "I'd love to be the patient and be taken care of". I was falling into negative patterns, thoughts, habits, etc....all to cope. I had EVERYTHING going for myself and many pe...
  10. Irish trained psychiatric nurse to usa

    Pennsylvania Board of Nursing Harrisburg Pennsylvania +1 717-783-7142 I know this is an old post, so you may not need info anymore but here's the number 😉
  11. Absences - Insomnia

    I take Doxepin 100mg every night before bed and it puts me to sleep and it helps somewhat with anxiety. Wish you the best!
  12. Issues applying to BON as a UK resident

    Sounds about right for the PA BON. I think 13 ppl make up the board and last I saw there were quite a few open seats and they are actively taking applications. Short staffed!! 🤬
  13. Community College RN programs in PA

    I got my associates degree from CCAC (Community College of Allegheny County) north campus. It was a great program. IDK about the cost these days but was much less than University for the same if not better education. Then the hospital I worked at was...
  14. Pittsburgh area hospital jobs? Rotating schedules?

    Hello! I worked with Allegheny Health Systems years ago and I loved it. Union is great!! When I first started I worked 3 12hr shifts rotating, because I thought I needed to be full time. After a few years I realized that since I didn't need their med...
  15. PNAP no legal charges

    If you don't mind me asking, if you relinquished your license, how are you in NP school? I'm assuming you got your license back in good standing? The reason I ask is because I'm wondering what to expect when I go to petition for reinstatement after t...