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Uhh, my A&P1 book was 314.78 plus she would like us to get other books that would push my total to 501.32! :banghead::twocents:What was the total amount you paid for your A&P book?


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my total was 200.00. lab manual was new, textbook was used.


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Are all of the books necessary? Find out which books you'll use and which are just supplementary. That should reduce your tab.


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Mine was 279.00 new with new lab book, a body atlas, and a key code for the online version of book and lab. I think they use the same book for AP 1 & AP I may really luck out...........


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Soo, a good friend of mine told me that I should look online for this book so hopefully someone can help me find it. I am looking for Seeley's Principles Of Anatomy And Physiology W/ L, Tate, the IBN number is 0-07-337813-5, on the book, Lab Manual: 0-07-721690-3 for that and CD-ROM 0-07-337807-0. Please help I really need this book asap and the cheaper the better!


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did you try ebay? i have purchased some of my other books from there


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My anatomy book was only $6! My professor was very considerate and didn't require an expensive book. My physiology book was $60 bucks I think. The professors provided the lab material or we had the option of just printing them out. I was REALLY lucky.


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My Health Science class books (NAS 161 & 162, which include A&P 1&2 plus microbiology) were expensive. $383 for all the books, brand new--2 lab manuals that HAD to be brand new, one was a custom lab manual made by the school) Plus about $100 in material fees, that included printing out all of the outlines/powerpoints, petri dishes, and pictures(don't ask me why, it was optional and I chose to take the route that would ensure I got an A).

PLUS I paid out-of-state tuition for both 4 credit courses which totaled at $2400.

Normally I buy all the the books on either or But it was my first semester at this school and I wasn't familiar with the bookstores website so I got the wrong things and ended up having to buy a custom-pre-packaged set with all the books which was $283. Thankfully I had already purchased my Microbiology book online.

My advice is to get the exact ISBN for every book and find a cheap "like new", or "very good" used version, that way you can sell them when you are done. Some schools have custom books and typically those are unavoidable expenses.


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My A & P book was $190 new at the bookstore and I thought that was terrible! I found it used on Amazon and paid $104 total with shipping. Our lab book is $5.

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Try looking at They have new and used books. The only problem I have run into on the site is finding the right edition number, so pay attention to that.


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Thanks alot for all you guys help, This has helped me out alot!


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On ebay you can find international editions; they are cheaper than US editions.

My AP book costs $180 in bookstore but I paid only $75. The content of the book is the same and I also got the online access code with it! So, I am sure you can find something cheaper :)

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