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How many people, after finding out you're an LPN student, immediatedly ask "oh, do you plan on going back for your RN?" This happens all the time. I used to reply "yes", but finally started saying "i'd like to finish THIS school year first before i decide anything like that".

I mean it's like they don't see anyone but an RN as a nurse when they ask a question like that. Granted it's their problem, but I wonder that once i am an LPN if i won't be asked the same stinkin' question. It's a little frustrating when i'm putting in 38 hours a week JUST for school, and people don't see it in the same light.

(ok off the soapbox, i want the wood for the fireplace, it's 32 up here)


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It doesn't matter you do, people will always make insensitive remarks. I am a RN student and I get questions like "Why don't you go to medical school instead of wasting your time on nursing" or "Think of all the gross stuff you will have to do, why do you want to be a nurse". I have given up trying to explain. I just say "Thank you for being so supportive."


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Yeah...I *always* get the "why don't you just go to medical school?". I've started answering that when they require med school in order to be a nurse, then I'll go to med school -- but, as it is, I don't want to be a doctor...I want to be a nurse. Sheesh!


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Yeah I know exactly what you mean! Its making me mad already and I havent even started the program yet! Furthering yourself educationally in any way is an accomplishment...but people make you feel like you owe them an explanation about why you are choosing to be an LPN. Yes I want to eventually be an RN but LPN is a valuable and important accomplishment as well as a stepping stone for me. I am proud of myself for making this choice and I dont like people making me feel like its nothing to be proud of. I dont appreciate people looking down on the profession, like youre "JUST" and LPN, and "WHY dont you go to school to be an RN". Geez, as LPNs we are already making more than a lot of teachers but people dont go around asking teachers why they ONLY want to be a teacher, just because they have a 4 year degree! They are respected because they are giving a service to people, and we are doing the same, so dont we deserve the same resepct?? Ill never understand the way peoples minds work!


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Try seeing if you can turn the question around onto their career choice; "Surely you want to further your education and be a (fill in the blank), don't you?"

Wonder if that would shut them up.

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See that's the weird thing about this. Most people who ask are pts. or RN's.

Ironically the RN's who were LPN's first have NEVER asked me this question lol.

I'll have to answer the "So what do you do?" question a million times on Saturday at Bill's work Christmas party. And hear "So Bill told us you're a nursing student.." Then comes the dreaded "so will you go..." question. So far my best reply for this one will be "We'll see what happens after i get a newer car, have higher car insurance, get a better apartment, newer scrubs, better work shoes, and pay off the 8,000 of debt i've accumulated". I think that'll work though :D

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Yeah, I am entering my LPN program next month. Every time I tell someone my longterm goals (MSN) they ask why I am wasting my time on an LPN. Silly me, I even find myself explaining; like I need to justify my decision. I do want to be an RN. In fact, I really don't plan on being an LPN for long, but if I didn't want to be "more" than an LPN I think that would be cool too. My best friend's mom is "only" an LPN and with her experience she commands more pay than a lot of RN's around here. I guess my point is to each their own. Different people have different career goals and different paths to get there. Each person is a necessary piece of the healthcare puzzle. Today I got my MMR inj and my HepB inj from a medical assistant. I didn't feel the need to ask her if she planned on going on to bigger and better things.


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you guys are sooo right. But there will always be those people and guess what--they will probably be unemployed at some point. When I got my BS degree, people used to ask me when I was majoring in exercise physiology: ARE YOU GOING TO BE AN AEROBICS INSTRUCTOR? I mean give me a break--that was really a hard major//so-just follow your heart--all of the basic clinical elements are the same, and we all start out somewhere/

best, hty/


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You will always be asked what you are going to do or if you are going to go further with any education if you are in school. When I was an undergrad I loathed when someone asked "So what are you going to do after college?" Occasionally I would reply "At least I'm GOING to college" Very frustrating...

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We're all part of the same team. I'm just starting an ADN program in the spring and I'm already hearing "so when will you be taking your BSN courses"? I haven't even figured out whether that's what I want to do. Let me get through my ADN first.

On a positive note, isn't it great to have a career that can take us up the ladder? My entire life, I was stuck in careers with a low glass ceiling. Maybe a couple of ladder steps and then BOOM! No one was asking me if I was going to be a lawyer once I became a legal assistant. The only way I could advance was to be assigned to a more prestigious attorney. And when I hit the ceiling, because my salary was so high for my position, I'd be the first to be let go during tough financial times. Well now I can go where I want with this and it just tickles me to no end.

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I AM a LPN and it still doesn't stop! I have patients and families asking me (almost) daily when and if I will be going to get my RN.

Well, lo and behold! I think I am a pretty darn good nurse for being "just a lowly LPN"!

Wonder if we could ask the patients and/or the families if they would feel better gettng the same care from a RN? Then we could call one of the 3 RN's we have (they all work days and I work nights) and have them come in and do whatever it is....


Ahhhh~just hang in there. A nurse is a nurse is a nurse. We all do the same job in my book. Caring for people who need us.;)

Merry Christmas!

Julie :)


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I am an RN student in a diploma program. When people ask if and when I am going to go for my BSN (and I'm sure many will), I'm just going to tell them, "I am very happy where I'm at, but thanks so much for your, what do you do?" :)

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