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  1. heatherbless

    LPN to RN online

    also--the college network books can be bought on ebay for a lot cheaper used instead of new--
  2. heatherbless

    LPN to RN online

    look under distance education on this site and find categories with excelsior. They are the best site and I do believe that the colllege network uses their material--it can be tricky-because the college network is just a publishing house and excelsior is the actual school. here is the website: http://www.excelsior.edu good luck.
  3. hey--go into the search component and put in deaconess///then pull up replies by cbarnett. Cheri is probably the one that can help you the most on this subject here. I was accepted to deaconess awhile back--but decided on other avenues for myself--she is a great help though. good luck, heather/
  4. heatherbless

    I Quit

    have you thought about moving to another state? My girlfriend works at baptist hospital in Winston-Salem, NC and they make their own schedules--and she only works one weekend per month--good luck//there are many opportunities--you don't have to just settle for leftovers best, heather/
  5. heatherbless

    Civilian RN jobs in overseas military hospitals?

    germany is really awesome! the best thing for you to do is wait until you get there and it will all work out--you can probably talk to some nurses there and get some ideas about where to start. good luck/hty.
  6. heatherbless

    Any Pennsylvania Deaconess grads?

    I believe the member-opalm is from PA and went to deaconess. best, heather/
  7. heatherbless

    cccc online micro

    Hey all: has anyone recently taken micro at ccconline? I want to know if anyone sells the book used or do I have to go through the ccconline bookstore. Please respond and thanks so much. heather/
  8. heatherbless

    New guy intro

    this forum should really hlep you a lot--let me know if you have any other questions. best, heather/
  9. heatherbless

    Will my first degree help?

    yes, it definitely will. I am familiar with your program there and it is very good. You will do just fine. Good luck to you, heather/
  10. heatherbless

    Will my first degree help?

    yes, it definitely will. I am familiar with your program there and it is very good. You will do just fine. Good luck to you, heather/
  11. heatherbless

    ? about being accepted at Deaconess

    I think it is two weeks--call and talk to an advisor and they will tell you. best, heather/
  12. heatherbless


    nice to have you trac/heather
  13. heatherbless

    does IL recognize deaconess grads?

    I agree! When you have not experienced Deaconess--you really cannot make an accurate judgment In my years of education--you will find that many schools with PhD's are also very expensive. If you think that 400.00 per credit hour is expensive--then stick with your LPN. You will see when you apply to PhD programs--that it is not easy and is also very expensive. Most people that have gone to Deaconess have their own experiences to speak from. From the looks of it--you have not been to clinicals at either Deaconess or Excelsior--when you have done that...we will know that you have a foundation to work from. NICURNtobe and many others have already been at Deaconess for awhile--you cannot make an accurate judgment...until you know what they have experienced--please refrain from making negative comments until you know more. We are grown and can make our own decisions about our school finances...period. hty/
  14. heatherbless

    does IL recognize deaconess grads?

    I think it's funny, though, because one time I mentioned I thought in-school learning had its definite advantages over distance learning and I nearly got my head bitten off. what does this mean? You do not have to have a PhD to be a psychotherapist. There are a lot of other options like masters level: LPC, MSW, etc...you should probably talk to some people that are already in the field to get an idea of what they are doing. I am an LPC and have been in private practice for awhile. I am now looking at also getting my nursing degree. Open your mind to the possibilities and remember that people have their own perspectives on Deaconess. Just because it does not work for you--does not mean that it won't work for others.
  15. heatherbless


    Sarcasm is not needed when the OP was asking for advice--I think most of us in school know that we have to pay our loans back--but thank you for taking the time to point that out. Geesh!