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I've rented every book I possibly could from Amazon. The only reason I went elsewhere would have been because they were out of stock. They're the cheapest 95% of the time, easy to receive and return (keep the box the books came in to make it even easier), and the books have been in good used shape.

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I rent all my books because I don't want to have to mess with selling them and my classes are only 8 weeks. Amazon is good but I really like with their great prices and they also send you a mailer to send the book back in.


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It's super easy, as long as you remember to return them. Just write the date on your calendar. At the end of the semester, just go back into your orders on amazon and there will be a button to print the material needed to send it back.

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Also, Amazon Prime Student is half the price of regular prime and comes with all the same perks. You just have to confirm you are a student with your institutional email address. Saved me thousands of dollars renting my textbooks and getting free shipping on all sorts of things I needed.

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I have always used Campus Book Rentals. Even when there was an issue with a book being switched out, their customer service was very good.


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I started renting with Amazon, then saw that Chegg always had them cheaper, so I stuck with Chegg through my nursing program and my bachelors program.

I love them so very much! My dog ripped the cover off my med surg book, and they took it back without charging me anything!

I even had to return a bunch of books past the return deadline because I had switched programs, and not only did they not charge me, they even refunded me the cost because I wasn't able to use them.

I highly recommend Chegg!

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I used to buy my text books on then sell them for a profit after the semester was over. I once bought a book on for $8 and sold it back to my school's bookstore for $32.

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I usually just copy and paste the ISBN # in the search bar and see who's the cheapest. I agree with all the above posts. Chegg is great, campusbookrentals is great too.


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I've used Amazon rentals for several textbooks and had no issues. The rental fees are fairly low and shipping and receiving is a breeze.


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Thanks so much everyone, I really appreciate the info! I definitely do NOT want a bunch of books I never look at again lying around, so I love the idea of rentals