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ednurse17 has 26 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN, NP and specializes in ER, PEDS, CASE MANAGEMENT.

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  1. ednurse17

    ANCC board review-Hollier or Fitzgerald?

    I did the Hollier review. Was very informative and I had some of the questions she reviewed on the ANCC exam.
  2. ednurse17

    Failed Np boards

    I failed AANP too. First time. I buckled down, listened to Amelie Hollier review 3 times, did the Leik questions. Took AANC and passed! I actually liked the ANCC certification better! Good luck! Keep your chin up!!
  3. ednurse17

    Clinical Experience Thoughts

    sorry you've had such a bad experience. Fortunately, my clinical preceptors have been great. Hang in there.
  4. ednurse17

    so frustrated about setting up NP clinical

    thank you for the thought!
  5. ednurse17

    so frustrated about setting up NP clinical

    I'll be using typhon once I find a preceptor. Until then..... nada.
  6. ednurse17

    so frustrated about setting up NP clinical

    I live in NC. I am currently going through the FNP program through Herzing. I CANNOT find a preceptor. I have contacted physicians in the hospital group I work at and everyone says NO. I need to find someone! Anyone have any suggestions? Is it just brick and mortar schools that set up preceptors for you?
  7. I probably wouldn't acted the same way you did. You don't reward people for bad behavior. When he said he was ready to leave, I would've taken out the IV's and foley and said "peace out"... He'll be back in the ER within 24 hours I'm sure.
  8. ednurse17

    Amazon Textbook Rentals?

    I usually just copy and paste the ISBN # in the search bar and see who's the cheapest. I agree with all the above posts. Chegg is great, campusbookrentals is great too.
  9. ednurse17

    Amazon Textbook Rentals?

    campusbookrentals.com is another good website. I rent from Amazon and haven't had any problems. I go for the cheapest.
  10. ednurse17

    Not a Near Death Experience: A Shared Death Experience

    My mother died at 69 of a massive heart attack. She had been transferred from one hospital to another for an emergency heart cath. She died on the table. On my way home from the hospital, I was talking to her and telling her how much I would miss her. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I knew that was my mother offering me comfort.
  11. ednurse17

    Not a Near Death Experience: A Shared Death Experience

    how precious of a moment you had!
  12. ednurse17

    Frontier Nursing FNP Class 161

    I work in Randolph County.
  13. ednurse17

    Frontier Nursing FNP Class 161

    Hey everyone. I am thinking about applying to Frontier. I just received my BSN in October. I haven't taken a statistics class yet. Do you think this will hold me back on getting accepted? I'm from NC too.
  14. I'm earning my RN to BSN through Aspen University. Yes, there are papers to write, but I'm learning so much! It's doable. I'm working full-time and have a 3.9 average! Aspen is affordable. $250/month.
  15. ednurse17

    Pubic hair

    I agree with WitchyRN. Nurses have enough to do, if it needs to be clipped ie for surgery, yes, I'll do it. Otherwise, they are on their own. I'm not a prude either.... as far as what they look like when they come in, its their choice if they shave, wax, whatever. We nurses don't really pay that much attention to it anyway. If we're "down there" its usually for a reason.
  16. ednurse17

    2 nights of triage hell

    Bless your heart x 2!! 3 nights in a row in triage?? 2 is the absolute max for me. These docs need to realize we DO have a clue and get a grip. Fortunately the docs in our ER are pretty good about listening to us in triage. They complain, but aren't too big to come out and say good call. I am fortunate to work in a pretty great ER.

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