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I am so frustrated right now and need to vent a little. I graduated from nursing school 2005 and spent most of my career in the ER. The first 2 years I worked on a med surg floor but I could not stand to see the same faces, the same pt 5 days in a row. So I ended up in the ED and initally really loved it. A little over a year ago we moved and I had to find a new job and there was no question for me where I wanna work, ER of course. Now after about 1 year I am so frustrated. In the beginning I thought it was because everything was new but it has not gotten any better. By now I tread going to work. If I know I have to work that night my mood is so bad all day. My husband can not understand my frustration, and honestly I can not understand it myself. I always loved my job but right now I would rather go work in starbucks.

Have you ever worked in another job besides nursing? How do you know if you dislike nursing or you dislike work in general? Why do you think an unskilled, minimum wage joe-job like Starbuck's would be any better? Aren't you concerned about contributing to your family's finances and saving for retirement, a house, or whatever you future goals are? Get some perspective.

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Maybe you need to change around a bit. It's pretty easy to change to something else, depending. Just be sure before you make a big switch.

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I hear that the ED is a place where nurses burn out quickly. Try another specialty or perhaps get out of bedside. I have days when I feel like jumping off of a tall building rather than going to work.

Unfortunately, I'm a new grad RN and need a job so I don't have the option to quit at this point as I need my experience.

The beauty of nursing is that you are not married to one specialty, there are many, many options.

There are many other nursing job that you can try. I did bedside for only 6months, I am a DDA nurse now and I love it. Look into school nurse, home care and lots more.

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I always loved my job but right now I would rather go work in starbucks.

Then go work at Starbucks. Warning: the same schmoes come in every day ordering the same damn drinks. 365 days in a row.

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It has been my experience that if you seriously ask that question, you probably are.

That doesn't mean you have to stop being a nurse. Just explore another area.

Then go get a job at starbucks!

You have not really said what you dislike about the job, so I am not really sure what you need help with?

Is there poor teamwork? Unsafe conditions? Under-staffing? Nasty management?

Try and figure out what you don't like and what you used to like, I would try a new unit.

Wow sad to read as a BS-R.N. I would luv 2 have a job right but I do not have you are with a job and not happy.

Have u ever had previous job? Is it the medical center or is it the people u work with? Because you do not want to become know as the angry nurse for no reason........

I'm a mental health NP, so my focus is usually on mental health issues and I often explore possibilities if there is even a hint of concern. I may be totally off base, but being a prudent practitioner I wonder if you're depressed or if there are other issues going on in your life. Don't answer here, it's not a question for discussion. But, consider it, ask your husband and your relatives and friends if you 'seem yourself'. Ask yourself if you're sleeping ok, if your appetite is the same as it's always been, if you have interest in the things that you were always interested in.

Besides that, you're getting good advice here. Try another unit, another job, another employer. Or, resign yourself to the reality that jobs aren't always fun and exciting.

Well Denise, Happy Fourth of July

I have one last paper to complete in 2 days before I get my BSN at 60 yo! I have been a RN for over 35 yrs. I won't get in to my story right now. Instead, I want to help you with whatever is going on for you.

Soon to be BSN in 3 days, break, and heading on off for my MSN


I definitely understand! After 35 yrs of nursing, I lost 3 jobs in 2 yrs! I was unemployed for 2 yrs. and doing everything to obtain a job. I joined a nursing agency, said 'yes' to every single job to keep working. I went through my little retirement, gave up my home of 10 years, relocated, lived out of super 8's for about 2 months, had gone back to on-line school to get my BSN (complete in 3 days!), and have wound up with the most fabulous job ever! I am now a school nurse working with medically fragile special need students in high school. Never would have this entered my mind. I am 60 yrs. young and I have now decided to continue on towards my MSN to ensure job security. I also want to support young people who feel that nursing is frustrating or boring. The thing is, I have done it all! I once owned my own business and was beginning to do pretty well. Having a nursing degree gives you life advantage, financial security, opportunities one has never considered! Write back- I would love to support you or at least listen to what ever is going on with you-


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