Am I Stupid For This, Or Does It Matter?


Soo, normally I make sure I do extremely well throughout the whole semester, then when finals come I have a really high grade & don't necessarily have to pass the exam to keep my grade.

Example: Going into the exam I had a 97.7 in Chemistry & only needed a 50 on the exam to keep my A.

Not saying that failing an exam is ideal, but not having to study as much does take ALOT of stress away since finals week is so intense. Does anyone else do this or is it just me?


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I guess do what you think is best for you :) I study hard every class the whole semester, but I know a lot of people who are like you. When it comes time to getting into the program they aren't going to ask for your tests, they are going to look at your overall finished grade. Good luck.


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No that's not stupid. It is very logical I think. I have A's going into my finals. And due to extra credit I can afford to miss class and stuff. Sometimes I slack off and I know I'll still get an A. In my microbiology class I still could have kept an A if I got a 0% on my final but I still went. When my teacher saw that I showed up for the test she was surprised. I didn't know if I should have felt dumb for showing up or if I had not even tried to attempt the final. It's a strange feeling, I know. But all that matters in the end is that A!


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That's not stupid to go hard IMO. I found myself in the same situation this year. I worked my butt off in my classes from day 1 not bc I didn't want to take the final but I know how important these classes are to my success. I needed a 60 on my final to get an a (in 2 classes the same scenario). I still studied for my finals like normal but like you said, the pressure wasn't as bad knowing my grade was hanging by a thread. Not sure if you are saying you purposely went overboard so you could later slack or if you are just saying it was a nice benefit. (For me, the latter). Congrats on the A :)


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I have done that for my last 3 classes, because you just never know what is going to come up toward the end of the class. I like to have the high grade to fall back on and take it easier at the final. It is better, IMO than having to catch up at the last minute, simply because you never know what will come up.


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I had a Chemistry class in which the final was just another test that covered that last few chapters of the semester. We could drop our lowest test score. Going into the final my lowest grade was a 89. I took the final and when I knew that I had missed more than 11 points I quit and handed it in. The prof. looked at my test puzzled and then realized that this was my throw away test and still had an A in the class. He just smiled and waved me out the door.


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I felt reluctant in taking my final exam this spring because I already had a solid A. I felt like not taking it all, but then I asked myself what will I stand to loose if I end up not taking it? Absolutely nothing. This eased the pressure of "final exams" because I did not have to study for it at all. I just looked through the test review and that was it. I ended up making a perfect score in the exam.

The only difference was in my overall. If I hadn't taken the final exam, I would have made 97.5%, but I ended up with 99.2% as my overall grade for the course.

Some wouldn't have taking it at all, but I guessed my instructor gave me a 3 on work ethics instead of the regular 2.

I'm glad I did take it and I would not stop stressing myself on any little quiz or assignment coz they all count.

Wished the instructor gave us an extra credit this semester, but she did not. I might have gotten a 100%. Lol

We all feel that way especially when we've worked so hard at the beginning. So you are not stupid.


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I think most of us are tired by the end of the semester. I can fail my lecture final and still make an A this semester, so I'm not studying. At first I felt guilty, but I decided I'm in this situation because I went above and beyond all semester...I should enjoy the fruits of labor. It's also about prioritization for me. I have other grades still hanging in the balance, so it makes more sense to focus on them.

But mostly I'm just lazy and ready for summer!


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I think it's totally acceptable. It's one thing to entirely blow off the final because its knowledge that'll help in the future most likely but it's only during finals when exams from all classes are in the same week. I also do this but some semesters it's nose to the grindstone every waking moment such as this one! Good luck!

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don't question the methods if the results are what you are looking for

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PS. This would not work in EVERY situation as sometimes the ends do NOT justify the means. But in your scenario - maybe you have a good thing going

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Not stupid at all. It just helps you focus on the other final exams that you need to pay attention to. Last semester, I took 17 credits. When finals rolled around, I only needed a 30 on my Microbiology, a 15 on my Micro Lab Final, a 44 on my Intro to Health and a 52 on my Physiology final to get an A. Needless to say, I didn't study as in-depth for those final exams so I could focus my attention on my Human Growth & Development course and Pharmacology, which I needed a 92 to get an overall A in both courses. It really took the pressure off the other 4 classes, since I didn't need to do much studying to get the grade I needed for the A. I was able to keep a 4.0 GPA. As long as you know all the material well enough, the final SHOULD be your easiest exam :D