Am I to old?


Hi All;

I've been in the IT field (network administration, help desk, database) for over 25 years and have a masters degree in Info Systems Mgt. When our son was young, and inspiration from TV shows like Rescue 911, I earned my EMT basic certification. I never worked as one, but really enjoyed the training. I let my cert. expire years ago.

I was laid off, and had been out of work for 4 months. My family is encouraging me to go back to school and at least get my LVN. I would like to use my education and go into informatics.

My inspiration: My wife is recovering from DCIS and recently had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction implants to follow. Thank God her lymph nodes came out negative. The nurses I've spoken to have encouraged me to do this, and I've always enjoyed helping people.

My questions are:

am I to old (I'm 50)?

am I crazy?

is there "really" a nursing shortage?

any and all comments and advise is appreciated.



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Old at 50? No way! Go for it. In five years you'll be 55 and glad you made the decision to become a nurse. On "Good Morning America" they had news item noting that people will probably work into their 70's in the near future. I am a "boomer" generation person and I am taking a refresher course to activate my RN license. All that studying will exercise the brain cells, right?

Best of luck!:specs:


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You are never too old! I am getting ready to start working toward my bsn at 51...

Are you crazy? Probably but it helps on alot of days

There is a shortage but depends on what area of the country you live in...

Good Luck!!!!

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Nay, your not too old. Go for it, if that's what you want to do.

As for the shortage, I am in the group that believes there is not a shortage. Just a shortage of nursing willing to work in poor working condition that managers seem to expect. ;)

If you do want to go into the healthcare field, and be in a part of the feild that really has a shortage, you might consider physical therepy, or physical therapy assistaint. The shortage of PT's and PTA's is unreal.

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I agree with everyone else.. you are not too old. As for your nursing education, I would recommend getting your RN degree. Nursing infomatics is complex and would require the more specialized knowledge an RN possesses. You may want to research the requirements for working in that field, I suspect it will say RN not LVN. Also, remember that your previous course work will count towards some of your education requirements, depending on the institution and maybe depending on how long ago you obtained them. More research. Good luck to you. Nursing infomatics is definitely the new kid on the block and sure to grow.

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Are you too old? Heck NO! I just turned 52 this week, and am in my second of three semesters for my LPN (same as LVN). Once I finish LPN, I plan to bridge to RN. The end result will be LPN at 52; RN at 54.

Are you crazy? Well, most would say that I am, but in a good way that serves me well. I can't answer that for you, but believe it would be crazy not to pursuit your aspirations.

Is there "really" a nursing shortage? Depends on where you live and what field you plan to go into. Personally, I have no doubt I'll be able to find work once I graduate - even given the economic situation today.

The reaction I've received from family, friends, fellow student and those I come into contact with through school (nurses, patients, residents, ect. at clinicals) is all positive, supportive and encouraging. I've never felt out of place because of my age!

I encourage you to go for it!:yeah:


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You are never too old! I am getting ready to start working toward my bsn at 51...

Are you crazy? Probably but it helps on alot of days

There is a shortage but depends on what area of the country you live in...

Good Luck!!!!

61 here, LPN taking prereqs for RN

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Go for it....Just finished my RN at 47.


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Don't let your age get in the way of what you really wanna do. If your keen to do Nursing then I'd say GO FOR IT. : )

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I would suggest if you liked the EMT you would want to do some sort of acute nursing care in which case I would get my RN not LPN.

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Never to old! My biggest concern was that I did not want to be the "old guy in the class" I started LPN school at 45 graduated at 47 left the career of 26 years (in non medical human service) and am working ft as a nurse in a Alzheimer's unit. Its with the population I had worked with for for yrs and yrs but now I'm the nurse.

As far as your age, well the majority of the other students were young, many very immature, but there were plenty of "seasoned" folks too!

I was the oldest in my clinical group, the younger members (many my own children's ages, needed another "adult" who they could talk with about how to wend their way through the vast amounts of rules and regs that we find our selves in the hospital.

Believe me I heard all about the boy friend problems, was called upon to help with study groups (b/c as a full time job holder in addition to going to nursing school) I had to be organized, and was another set of eyes to help proof read nurse care plans and so on.

What i am trtying to say is that your age is a benefit to the other students, and the teachers will appreciate the older learner b/c there are less "games" b/c you have a life you have to set priorities and simply get the job done.

As far as the work it self being a ft nurse is physically and mentally very demanding. At my place of employment, we always eat on the run grab breaks when we can, and are on our feet all day long.

But the rewards are great. At the end of my shift I KNOW I've made a direct difference in somebody's life. No I don't save a life everyday. But I've saved my share of them b/c I was there and observed something that wasn't right and did something to help. It is a great feeling.

So yes it is worth all the Mickey Mouse nonsense of nursing school (mine was very tough, almost militaristic, what type of shoes to wear, lenght of hair, and so on.) Of course I understood that it wasn't these rules they were trying to impress upon us rather to pay attention to the small things and then you wont miss the big things.

Shortage? Yes b/c many don't seem to know why they want to get into nursing. Many think its like school where you get 1 patient for the day to take of, thats not reality, and the balancing of work responsibilities and prioritization of real world nursing is not really arressed in school. Suffice to say that it took me several mmonths to start to feel comfortable with all the responsibilites that are suddenly thrust upon you. I made a deliberate choice to become a nurse,an LPN, so that i could be a bed side nurse, with direct patient contact and care. I was the only one in my clinical group who wanted that The rest wanted to move into Administation. That's great b/c we need administrators but I've been there, done that, got the Tee shirt. After many years of that type of work I was so far removed from the humans, I left it all took nearly a 40% pay cut and jumped in, was the senior man at my old place of employment, now low man in senority, low pay, last option for vacations etc. but very happy.

Just a few of my thoughts.

Good Luck and yes we need more Testosterone on the floors!

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