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Found out the new name is "Patient Care Technician" in my area of California.


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Well that is what we are called here in Florida atleast at my hospital system. We have PCT's (patient care techs) which just do patient care, UST's (unit support techs) who are just secretaries and can watch the tele monitors, for me though I am whats called a PST (patient support tech) I can do direct patient care and be a unit secretary and watch the tele monitors, its all really just fancy badging for your abilities.


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We have PCTs here as well, but there is a definite distinction between PCTs and CNAs. CNAs can work in LTC or hospitals, but PCTs can only work in hospitals. PCTs can do anything a CNA can do, plus a few more advanced tasks such as phlebotomy and EKG lead placement. They have also taken an additional exam.

It would be so much easier if all of these names and positions were STANDARDIZED so that everyone would be on the same page.


506 Posts at my facility we're called NACs, or nursing assistant certified. Iunno about licensing, but I do have a fancy little thing that's got my license number on it. I'm assuming that's what it is, anyways.

I have a nifty little badge that says "Liz xxxx, NAC". It makes me feel special. :lol2:


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Here, where I'm taking my class now, we are NARs (well, I'm a student still). It stands for Nursing Assistant, Registered.


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Where I live it is STNA. The state says they do not "certify" nursing assistants. They only state test them. That is exactly what it says on the info I received from the state for my upcoming STNA class.

Also, we have PCA's (Patient Care Assistant). But only they work in hospitals and they are trained to do tasks that STNA's cannot do. I have to take another course to become a PCA.

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In Oklahoma, we are CNAs--certified nurse's aide/assistant. I like assistant better than aide for whatever reason. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't be certified. That seems silly.



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Funny how things change.

Before I was a CNA up until my first few months on the job, I would get SO offended when someone called me an "aide." I would actually halt conversations and correct people when they would call me an aide. I would then be incredibly annoyed with them for awhile.

-"So, I heard you're gonna start training to become an aide at a nursing home?"

-"Uh, no I'm won't be an aide. I'll be a Certified Nurse Assistant." (always capitalized the title too)

-"Excuse me. That's basically an aide, though, right?"

I would argue forever.

Nowadays I stopped giving a care and will almost never say CNA when I'm talking, let alone "certified nurse assistant."

"Aide" has 2 fewer syllables for me to spew out than "C-N-A" does. Short, sweet, and to the point.

No idea why I felt the need to post this. :)


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Were i'm from they call us Registered Nursing Assistants. I really don't see the difference


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Were i'm from they call us Registered Nursing Assistants. I really don't see the difference

I think the "nurse" part needs to be removed from the title of the assistants because often times assistants confuse themselves for being actual nurses.


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