July 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner! - page 2

Malpractice protection is such a big issue for nurses. I'm sure you already have caption ideas for this toon so let's start hearing them. Share them and YOU can win $100!!! It's so easy to win.... Read More

  1. by   audreysmagic
    Here at Murray and Morris, we take pride in taking out the middleman to get you paid!
  2. by   NurseSpeedy
    It's easier to chase the stretchers than the ambulances!
  3. by   oldtiredmicn
    MALpractice in practice - I'm the attorney for you!
    "Practice" all you want I can M(ake) A L(aw) to get you!
  4. by   cardiacfreak
    I hope the sponge count is correct today.
  5. by   JadedCPN
    I'm working smarter, not harder!
  6. by   JadedCPN
    This is a game of chess, not checkers ;-)
  7. by   Davey Do
  8. by   3ringnursing
    Now that the health insurance companies are practicing medicine by deciding what can and cannot be ordered for patients, setting up a hospital based law office seemed like a lucrative move for me.
  9. by   new gal
    I help you find the best "replacement parts money can buy!"
  10. by   oralis
    Enter at your own risk
  11. by   oralis
    nursing student- "C's get degrees"
    malpractice attorney- "sips tea"
  12. by   Mel-M.A.
    In order to afford the hospital's malpractice insurance an attorney was added to the payroll; he's available 24/7 to tell you what you can't do.
  13. by   Jaelan68
    Disappointed by the drastic decrease in his ambulance chasing suits, Edward decided to up his game.