February 2018 Caption Contest - Win $100! - page 2

You Can Win $100! The last contest was a little hard (just a little). This one should be super easy. Let your imagination go crazy. (Please stay within our Terms of Service.) All you have to do... Read More

    Did our noses grow after we told that patient the Doctor will be in soon?
  2. by   NurseCard
    I'm going in. Tell my family I love them.
  3. by   NurseCard
    "Pardon me but... is that Poop I smell?"

    "Why NO!!! It's Lemons and Sunshine!!"
  4. by   djh123
    Why are we holding our noses? It's not like we didn't already know it was a Code Brown.
  5. by   djh123
    "Gasp! It's so bad, but ... wait! There's not even a door handle?!?"
  6. by   RNrhythm
    ...wasn't this a glass door?
  7. by   NurseYoshi
    Nurse: "Doctor, I promise he swallowed something."

    Doctor: "I think you just wanted me to help you change his brief."

    Nurse: "now I remember what he swallowed. IT WAS THE DOORKNOB!"
  8. by   DTWriter
    Smells like C. Diff...Let's get the new nurse to do it!
  9. by   Davey Do
  10. by   Davey Do
  11. by   Davey Do
  12. by   Have Nurse
    We're puttin' on the suits...we're goin' in.
  13. by   NurseSpeedy
    Hospital employee #1: "You got the poop off your nose. Did I?"

    Hospital employee #2: "Still a little left on the bridge...oh, okay, you got it!"

    Another face cleaning session after reciting the new script being forced because it's been PROVEN to increase survey scores....