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  1. DTWriter

    Dismissed, what now?

    How long is the program? To me, it seems ridiculous to dismiss someone when they are so close to the finish, but I get that these nursing schools need graduates who are likely to pass the NCLEX (I.e. the better the NCLEX pass rate, the better the school's rep, the more suc..."students" likely to attend, the more money they make, and so forth). Was your program an ASN program? I have read that they are even harder than BSN programs (I.e. the skills portion). What exam/subject caused you to missed the mark by less than a point? If you do need to apply to other nursing schools, be open to an LPN program. From there, you could apply for an LPN to RN program. BUT, do look into @NewRN'16 's suggestion before trying this route. SIDE NOTE: You should ask a moderator to remove the name of your school from your first post. With the school's name and the other information about you, someone you know in real life could figure out who you are here.
  2. DTWriter

    Covid-19 Parties

    I feel sorry for the healthcare professionals who have to take care of these mor... patients.
  3. DTWriter

    Famous person as patient?

    Yeah, yeah. If it is that generic, the chance of figuring out the patient's identity is nearly zero, but the risk is still there. Some of the posts have been fun to read but there are some posts that are like "a bit too much information there." I guess of saying "there should be no hints at all," I would say "be careful of how much you reveal." Don't underestimate the possibility of a group lurking in shadows, watching and waiting for nurses to mess up.
  4. DTWriter

    Famous person as patient?

    Yet, you are telling me to do something after going off about how I am telling others what to (when I did not that)? Where in my previous post am I telling people what to do? What deductive reasoning did you use to conclude that I am telling people what to do? Yes, people can do what they want to do. IMO, hinting at any patient, especially a celebrity, is unwise - to each their own on this subject. There should be no hints (ie. this is an opinion, not an order.)
  5. DTWriter

    Famous person as patient?

    Are you trolling? Is this research to see how many nurses would reveal the famous people who they cared for? Side note: Why are posters actually hinting at the celebrities who were under their care? Call it paranoia but that is not wise. There should be no hints at all - the patient's profession, when the patient came in for care, the patient's gender, the relatives of the patients, what the patient was in for, etc. One hint could be enough to figure out who you are talking about, especially if someone has the time to look at your previous posts and figure out where you worked and when.
  6. Grasping at straws but what if these nurses are actually planning to give away their care packages to someone in need? Yeah, there are probably nurses who are asking for care packages for themselves, but is it wrong to do so? There are nurses who live paycheck to paycheck. There are nurses who have been laid off or lost their job offers as a result of the pandemic. Should they just graciously wait and hope for someone to donate something or actually tell the public what they need right now? (Assuming that they are not asking specific people to donate. For example - Hey Oprah, Can you donate "x" of money to my charity...? The name of the charity? It is called "my charity.")
  7. DTWriter

    How to Staff Better During COVID-19 and Disasters

    It has been said over and over again. A nurse working during this pandemic is being played (especially if he/she is working with inadequate equipment) if he/she does not get something comparable to this => Don't let the public guilt trip you into working for average pay (pre-pandemic) and no bonus, especially when you are risking your life and that of your love ones. Make it worth it. If you choose to be a martyr, at least remember this: if you die, you die, and you will leave your love ones behind. Who will take care of your love ones in your absence? Society? Maybe, but, for how long?
  8. DTWriter

    To be a coward, or to be a fool?

    This may be controversial but I believe that nurses working during this pandemic should be getting their money worth. They should be getting paid more than they usually do (I.e. more so than a travel nurse's salary pre-pandemic). They should be receiving extra benefits (I.e. free food, free transportation, free lodging, life insurance, scholarships for their family members, etc.). If a nurse is not getting anything extra, then society is taking advantage of that nurse. As mentioned previously, if you die, they would just replace you with another nurse and give two ****s about those you left behind.
  9. DTWriter

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    When I said "when mandatory recall does happen," I meant if it happens, but there was a comment made by a governor about the possibility of recruiting healthcare professionals, but, for now, they are asking for volunteers 😕
  10. DTWriter

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    When mandatory recall does happen, I want to go to the state that will eliminate my student loans and provide me with free room/board/utilities, free food, free uniforms, free cleaning supplies, and lifetime health insurance, and a decent salary - and that is being generous.
  11. DTWriter

    COVID-19: Student Loans

    Hello, Is there any state that is willing to eliminate student loans for nurses who help during the pandemic?
  12. DTWriter

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    Let's face it. If things get worse, mandatory recall will happen (with exceptions) BUT if it does, the government should provide free accommodation, free food, free transportation, free uniforms, free supplies, and lifetime health insurance.
  13. DTWriter

    Boyfriend wants me to stay away

    Slightly off-topic but is there a thread for "How to show support to nurses working during the Covid-19?" OP, what little gestures are you hoping for your boyfriend to do for you? Do you have a favorite food that you can hint at your boyfriend to buy for you? Is there something that you can hint at him to get for you? (Though, if he has not done any little gesture by now, then, he needs re-training.)
  14. DTWriter

    Covid-19: Life Insurance?

    There may come a point where all licensed healthcare professionals will be required to help. So, just in case - What are some good yet affordable life insurances out there? (Side note: I am seriously asking this question. Who knows how damaging this virus will be to the body?)
  15. DTWriter


    Call it divine intervention. They are suffering now.
  16. Hello, Is anyone else receiving requests to work for an ER or urgent care during the coronavirus pandemic? What would be a reasonable hourly rate to ask for if they are requesting you as an RN, or as an NP? For the Northeast? Northwest? Southwest? Southeast? Somewhere else? What if you do not have experience in a particular field but they are willing to train?