Cartoon Caption Contest – WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018 - page 3

Nurses Week Contest #2 Your luck just keeps getting better and so do your odds of winning! It's time for our second 2018 National Nurses Week Contest. Get creative with a caption for this wild and... Read More

  1. by   broughden
    It was norovirus week at the hospital and Cindy was the new nurse on shift.
  2. by   DTWriter
    Got to protect my PTO!
  3. by   Apple-Core
    Meh - what the heck - I haven't had time to shower in a week....pass the shampoo!
  4. by   bansn
    "Hand sanitizer versus .01% of bacteria"


    "When its survey week..."

    This would be so great because I get pretty much all of my nursing school textbooks off of Amazon!
  5. by   Apple-Core
    Seriously? When I said you had verbal diarrhea, you didn't need to demonstrate it!
  6. by   Apple-Core
    "Now that it's raining more than ever
    Know that we still have each other
    You can stand under my umbrella
    You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh..."

    Umbrella lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
  7. by   Elfriede
    "Singing in the rain" from Gene Kelly was more romantic.
  8. by   kimandthekinks
    "Yes, I've been outside of the country in the last....AAACHOOO!"
  9. by   JBudd
    Halitosis Harry is back!
  10. by   Flare
  11. by   CallLightDisco
    Heat seeking dental caries!
  12. by   futurenaijaRN
    You say Tee what? Tuberculosis!
  13. by   mcksmom