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  1. Hello. I am trying to figure out if anyone knows or has experience with being a military spouse and being a travel nurse. Being more recently married, I was able to adopt my husbands home of record due to military/federal relief clause where I c...
  2. bansn

    Picking your Battles as an ER Nurse

    Ohhhh I think I was not very clear when first made my post. I do not work with this other new grad. For more of a back story, this is a friend back from nursing school who does not have any emergency experience, but wants to get a position in th...
  3. bansn

    Picking your Battles as an ER Nurse

    . Thank you for your reply and your well wishing in my new journey! You presented great guidelines that I find to work quite effectively as well. I am hoping to get more examples to pass along where nurses have recognized it is important...
  4. Hey all, New grad here who works in the ER. I am trying to inform another new grad about if she wants to work in the ER that she needs to learn to not pick fights with everyone. She is very sharp and detailed in her nursing practice, but has a h...
  5. "Hand sanitizer versus .01% of bacteria" or "When its survey week..." This would be so great because I get pretty much all of my nursing school textbooks off of Amazon!