Military Spouse Tax Home Travel Nurse?


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I am trying to figure out if anyone knows or has experience with being a military spouse and being a travel nurse. Being more recently married, I was able to adopt my husbands home of record due to military/federal relief clause where I could get a drivers license, register my cars, and claim a TN address despite never living there. His home of record is reflected for tax purposes as TN with the military even though he has not lived in TN for 8 years.

When I start traveling it seems like I will not be eligible for tax free stipends due to us moving… they are temporary moves and we are not paying rent anywhere else apart from the place we will be living in, correct? I mean since my DL matches TN and vehicle registration should I just start paying his mother a far rent price? That kind of seems dirty, but wasn’t sure if anyone else knows or has experience with such a situation.


Does the travel/housing stipends really make THAT much difference when they are tax free?



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You are living with your husband right? Thus you are not working away from home or paying duplicated rent? My personal but informed opinion is no. In fact, no home base makes you officially an itinerant worker in tax lingo - which means you simply go from place to place for work and no fixed home.

But if you want a professional opinion, try TravelTax. They will answer that question for free with a phone call. You don't have to be a client, however if TravelTax says it is legit and does your tax returns, he will defend you if you are audited and this is your issue with the IRS. Military is treated in ways I don't know much about in terms of their address of record, but their free housing is certainly non-taxable. Their spouse receiving a tax-free stipend for the same free housing is rather suspect.


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Hey! I was wondering if you ever got your problem resolved? I'm having the same issue now, and we don't have a tax-home from moving so much this past year. I've been traveling around and just claiming a tax home where he's stationed, but I wanted to stay in the same town for a bit! I've been wondering if I could just go travel nursing and have them tax my stipend as well? Not sure how it works.