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just as a reminder to all the ladies taking oral contraceptives, smoking combined with oral contraceptives puts you are a great risk for cva's and mi's. i am posting this cuz in the last few months we have had a few patients whom this has happened to. one was admitted to our icu friday, 30 years old, big mi, was angioed and stented.

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Ty for the is one that bears repeating. darn smoking anyhow. glad I don't have that problem.

Sometimes i have to wonder - why they have some drugs/persciptions out there.... the oral contraceptive and accutane (sp???) side effects and alot of the others... don't the side effects just out weigh the actual affect of the med.. and what good it does for u... esp. if depression is also a side effect...


From personal experience, I was on the pill, but did not smoke, and had a TIA 8 years ago! I was only 25. Thank God I recovered fully. This was also before I became a nurse, so I had no clue of what was going on, or what to do. Either way be careful !

How nice of you kewl to be thinking of our saftey!

oh-agnurse - I have to ask about having a TIA at such a young age. Could you tell me about your experience, either here or in a PM if you'd rather. I'm just curious as I've been having some odd symptoms on a few occasions, and my coworkers seem to thing this is what is happening to me (I still haven't decided if they're being serious or a bunch of wise a**es!)

I do take the pill, in fact, quite a few of them in the past year to find one I like, but I quit smoking almost 9 months ago.

Any info would be greatly appreciated :)


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Sometimes i have to wonder - why they have some drugs/persciptions out there.... the oral contraceptive and accutane (sp???) side effects and alot of the others... don't the side effects just out weigh the actual affect of the med..


It depends how badly one doesn't want to get pregnant.


nah... let me think :confused:

last time.. I was on the pill.. :o

I ended up 12 mths later sitting in front of the computer :rolleyes:

reading nurse-zine polls at 3 am :zzzzz

wondering why my baby won't fall asleep

So to me....

What the best form of birthcontrol?????

Getting pregnant....

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Thank God I don't have to take the pill anymore, and I don't smoke so.... However, one of my daughters smokes and takes the pill, so I will definitely pass this information on to her. Thanks for sharing. :)

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Hi everyone,

When I visited my father (80 years), in hospital after a few tia's there was a young 32 year old girl in the ward. A total vegie after stroking out badly, and she was a smoker and on the pill. My father begged me never to go on the pill or to encourage my daughter to take it, he was so devastated by her sad situation, and her family and small children. I did not have the heart to tell him that it aint that uncommon, but not well known in the general community.

My husband got his bits tied off after the children, just as we had agreed before we got married. Ya just gotta get it in writing.


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When I was taking bcp's a few years ago, My Gyn put me on the lowest dose possible because I was smoking. I didn't want to get knocked up before my wedding. Now I am having the opposite problem, I WANT to get pregnant. Went off the pill over 2 years ago and still no baby. That's what happens with PCOS. So, off to a Reproductive Endocrinologist I go on 7-1-02!

OBNURSEHEATHER--- My symptoms were classic to a stroke---facial droop, slurred indiscernable speech, and right-sided weakness. I never blacked out, but things got real fuzzy before it all happened. I remember the frustration of speaking and my husband not understanding me. I had a CT scan, and from that day forward I was off the pill and on depo shots. All my symptoms cleared within days, except you can kind of see a slight droop in my smile. I was young, and had no idea of what a TIA was. I had never thought of even being a nurse at that point in my life. I didn't go to my doc until the next morning---thought it might go away with some sleep!!! I've never experienced that again---Thank God!!!

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Had to go on Depo once ..(only two injections)...and never again...sent me into the worse sx ever!! It took two years to get that poision out of my system!! As soon I started having these sx, I read some background info on Depo...and was sorry I ever tried it..:o! Are you aware that anyone with a hx of stroke shouldn't be on Depo???

Here is a site...if you're interested..but just put in Depo Provera....and you find many more..:o.

My daughter has the same problems I did with menses...and I have suggested she go on BCP(not sexually active)...and doesn't and has never smoked! I think this is safer than least I'm hoping it is..:cool:

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