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I will go ahead and start this post for people applying to Jeff State Nursing Program Fall 2010. I know there are people out there with questions...I know I have a ton myself...I guess we can start... Read More

  1. by   2loves

    I would agree to start with the calculate with confidence book. We completed the book in less than the 1 month so start now that way it will be more of a refresher and you will have more time to focus on HA that class (WOOO!!!!) read the chapters several times at least twice and practice nclex questions before you take the test. I came out of pharm with an A and HA with a B. So Im grateful!!! Read it understand it and keep going they do not wait on you at all!!. I plan plan plan and plan some more. What times I study and times I go out. It's hard but I have a family that I have to tend to so I at least squeeze in 3 hours a week for enjoyment with them. So that's my story. I don't have all A's but it works for me. Find the best way for you to study and go for it. Give it all you got and find some more somewhere and give it too. Good Luck!!
  2. by   teejazzy2
    Thanks so much bernikitty & 2loves... this is great info... i will definitely go ahead and purchase the calculate with confidence book..., one other question.. is there a particular place that uniforms are ordered from? Gonna have to check to make sure they come in tall.
  3. by   teejazzy2
    on more thing you guys, are you allowed to use calculators on the math test
  4. by   lsk40
    Yeah you can use a calculator and the pants come in tall
  5. by   teejazzy2
    great. thanks so much

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