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lsk40's Latest Activity

  1. lsk40

    NUR3345 Starting Nov 2

    I'm starting on the 25th too.
  2. lsk40

    Taking NCLEX on Friday for the 1st time

    I did Kaplan and hurst and passed in 75 questions
  3. lsk40

    How many people did you lose?

    We lost 24 out of 46 so over 50%
  4. lsk40

    So unhappy with my career

    Merlee I was thinking the same thing
  5. lsk40

    New Grad, Transfer? Help Please!!

    You are doing enough by just letting them stay with you 3 little kids could be a handful I wouldn't change my job let their mom do that I would never ask anyone to do that for me
  6. lsk40

    Jeff State Fall 2010 hopefuls...

    Yeah you can use a calculator and the pants come in tall
  7. lsk40

    Wasn't the School Nurse right?

    I think she did the right thing I don't think she used critical thinking I think it was more like common sense
  8. lsk40

    Jeff State 2011 Fall Hopefuls!

    teejazzy clincals for first semster in the full time program are either thrusday or friday from about 630 to 145 clinicals for 2nd through 5th are when ever they tell you to be there they can be from 630 to 3 or from 2 to 8
  9. yeah we have class
  10. lsk40

    Jeff State 2011 Fall Hopefuls!

    From what I have seen the cut off has only been about a point lower between the jefferson and shelby campus and since its fall I bet the cut off will be the same
  11. I would have said something to him you are an adult with 3 kids why does he think it is okay to yell at someone I would have said I am an adult I did what is right for me at this time and I let them know that I am not able to take this job there is no reason for you to be yelling at me
  12. lsk40

    What would you have done?

    How do you have time to notice im too busy worried about me and my test all I do is look at the clock and my paper
  13. lsk40

    Preceptorship Problem...

    It was just one night it might get better how times have you done something one time and you were like im not going back but you do and you find out you really like it
  14. lsk40

    Jeff State Summer 2011

    We didn't need any books our first day you will have to print out a long power point about safety and ADLs we were there from 0930 to 1330 and we also went over the syllabus get ready for people to ask the same questions over and over oh dont sit by the far wall the wall is gross and we were all sick with runny noses its so dusty in there
  15. lsk40

    Jeff State Summer 2011

    someone might want to call or email because by this time last year we had all our info about the first day of class I think alot of the teachers go on vaction around this time I would call because last semster our teacher thought she gave us the info about the first day but she didn't post it so someone called and and she sent it out
  16. lsk40

    Jeff State Summer 2011

    Every since I have started nursing school we have started on the first day of the term last summer we went on thursday and friday your teacher will send you an email about it I would bet that you will be there next thursday and friday