there's evil on that unit

  1. I have been supplementing my income working as an agency nurse at one of our community hospitals. I have never had a problem with any of the nurses at this facility. A few nights ago I was sent to icc, a unit ive never worked at this facility.
    I am a very hard working nurse and will help anyone with anything from changing ivs to changing linens. Well, as soon as i stepped onto this unit, the nurses gave me nothing but the "cold shoulder". They did not talk to me, except one nice nurse. They actually had thier names on the chairs with tape so noone else would sit in them.
    Giving report in the am was a nightmare This nurse actually got very agitated because she asked me how my patient got "footdrop" and I told her. She said "YOU dont give me a lecture on footdrop"! I just answered her question briefly and to the point. I thought her head was going to start spinning! What is the deal with this group of nurses? Do they feel that threatened by agency nurses?
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  3. by   Gator,SN
    Sorry I really don't have a constructive comment on your post, but, I have never heard of people putting their names on the chairs! That is incredible! A bit anal aren't they?? I'm surprised this childishness is allowed in a CCU.
    I'm sure you are glad you are not going back any time soon!

  4. by   nightingale
    Who know... it is THEIR problem... don't make it yours... don't go back.

    The beauty of nursing (and I sing this mantra) is you DO NOT have to go back to work there. Be diplomatic with your Agency and tell them you will NOT be floated to THAT floor. If that means you will not be able to go back to that facility...
  5. by   mattsmom81
    Some staff nurses (and docs, and administrators, etc) think they can be verbally abusive to agency...I let them know it is not tolerated. We don't work for them and don't have to tolerate what staff does.

    I put up with iodiosyncrasies but never abusive treatment.

    If they don't treat us well, we don't come back to help them. Period. I let them know this fact up front if I have a problem with anybody in their facility.

    Gotta stand up to the bullies in this world, IMO. Hang in there!
  6. by   renerian
    Wow names on the chairs huh........childish.

  7. by   mattsmom81
    The names on chairs made me laugh..I have had nurses stand over me and glare at me...if I stray into 'their turf' unawares they have laid claim to the area...but never have I seen name tags.!

    As agency I unconsciously have adapted to this territoriality i I'm not intruding into someone's 'claimed space'...LOL!

    I guess some nurses are desperately trying to have SOME control and this is their way, eh? LOL!!
  8. by   graysonret
    There are 2 places on my "list" that I will not accept for a shift. One abuses agency nurses by assigning them other nurse's work and overloading them. The other place has always had nurses with bad attitudes to agency nurses. It's not worth the hassle. Other places accept agency nurses fine. 1 place consistantly asks if I am available for them. Names on chairs? Time to move on to another place that could really use agency nurses and are happy to have them.
  9. by   nurseJLoo
    I am a LPN in Virginia thinking of working for an agency ,It seems the agency nurses who come to the facility where i worked had it made all the money none of the hassle when myself as fulltime regular staff i would get blamed for everything.-Any thoughts on this? Any good agencys?
  10. by   gwenith
    This is one time I would talk to teh hospital administrators about the problem. It is all very well to vote with your feet but all that happens is that this "isolationist" read us vs them policy in the unit becomes entrenched the nurses responsible are rewarded by a) being sure in the knowledge they are an "US",b)y having the opportunity to earm lots more money through overtime (sometimes this also becomes a competition in matrydom which can also be self congratulatory) c) they are first to be chosen for advancement and by narrowing the field of potential personnel to advance it also means that this closed circle reamains closed.
  11. by   Brita01
    They are insecure people who are mad at you for having the guts to do something they are too scared to do. Cross that unit off your list and keep making that money with a smile.
  12. by   canoehead
    Did they have their names on their binkies too? What are they, 2 years old?
  13. by   debRNo1
    Originally posted by nurse2002
    Giving report in the am was a nightmare This nurse actually got very agitated ...........................
    Well Im NOT agency I have been working FT 12 hr shifts 7a-7p as staff nurse.I must say that I truly feel that days does the bulk of the work just by virtue of how many meds we give and ALL the MD orders that get written.

    There are 2 "night" staff nurses that I HATE to give report to. One is obsessed with lab values and the other with "care maps". I really dread getting screamed at by them after putting in 12-13 hours running my butt off. They do get agitated and show it.

    The other night Im actually ready at 7p to give report and care map nurse begins to holler about what she sees in wall charts (had nothing to do with me) Now she is re-writing days worth of care maps while she should be getting report. I bite my tongue as we go and let her blow off steam. We finish at 8:20 and she wants to know if Im on in AM. I tell her NOOOOO and shes says DAM I wanted to leave "on time" tomorrow.................WTF

    Still not sure how to handle these two. I try very hard to remain professional but sometimes I do make a comment or two which just infuriates them further. Last night "lab girl" was on. Arrives on the unit and loudly says "WHATS THE CENSUS ???" No hello, just rude ??

    These two want EVERYTHING done but it is a 24 hr
    business. I do my best but it is never good enough for these two and it is very frustrating to be tortured by a coworker after running my butt of for so many hours. Maybe because Im the new kid on the block, but what a way to treat a newcomer. Ive been on the verge of tears some nights giving report, drained by exhaustion, and defending myself

    So not sure if its all an agency issue maybe just the personalities/unprofessionals we have to deal with ? DUNNO

    good luck................

  14. by   eddy
    It's all about working as a team. I've been on both days and nights. Still do both in fact. Regardless, days complain about the night crew, and night crew complains about the day crew.

    If everyone would just get their own work done, there would be far fewer issues. It's fairly typical to see both shifts dump tasks on each other. I just have to laugh. If both shifts did their OWN work and quit trying to "revenge dump" all the time, things would be much better. It has become a cycle of revenge, and it annoys me to the fullest.

    The names on chairs needs to stop. That is just childish and disrespectul. If you sit in a chair so much that you feel the need to slap your name on it, you probably are a pretty terrible floor nurse... and that's exactly what I would say to the people. That's the sort of behavior that demonstrates why we as a group struggle to be treated like professionals. First step: Ya got to act like one to be treated like one.

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