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I am considering a change of career at the age of 50. Having an official education in Chemistry, I was thinking about enrolling in the Accelerated RNB in Rush Medical College, Chicago.

Reading some of the threads, about hardship of older nurse graduates, I was wondering if anyone could provide me with the following information:

1. Rush Nursing College admits students based on merit only without age discrimination. However, once I graduate, would I be able to find placement in an hospital, having to compete with graduates twenty years younger?

2. I was told that Rush graduates are sought after nation wide. Is that true?

3. Given the fact that I do have already a BSc I am not qualified to get any Federal grant. Rush offers tuition coverage provided the graduate agrees for post college placement there. Is it a good deal, or should I look for scholarships elsewhere? Loans is a touchy issue since I have a daughter in high school who will need some loans to attend college.

4. In real life as a nurse, is there any control over over-time? Given the fact that tired people make mistakes , that should not happen when human life is at stake. Do hospitals watch over working schedules of nurses as the law controls truck drivers for example?

Thanks for your input.


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LeaM, Welcome!

I would think that employers would want to hire an older nurse regardless of experience simply b/c they are not tied down by young children at home. Because of my children, i'm limited to how I can work.

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I have been wondering for quite a while if older nurses got hired as readily right out of school.....I'm anxious to see what kind of answers you get here!


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:) My mom went to LPN school when she was 50 and did just fine. She never had trouble finding a job. I'm an old LPN nurse myself and I have never had any trouble getting a job. Most LTC's I know will hire anyone who is breathing. Best of luck to you. If you work in a state where mandatory overtime is required of nurses they don't care if you are old,tired and will make mistakes. No employer ever showed me any mercy. I am in my 50's and I was expected to do mandatory overtime the same as the young nurses. :angryfire


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1. With the nursing shortage, you are not going to have a problem finding work. There are enough jobs for younger and more mature graduates.

2. I have never heard about the program or that their graduates are sought nationwide. Again, with the nursing shortage, it really doesn't matter where you get your nursing education when it comes down to finding a job later. Pulse? RN lisence? You're hired!

3. It sounds like a good deal, but you need to know the details. How long will you have to work for them? What shifts (day/night)? What area/specialty? What is the hospital like? Would you want to work there if you weren't obligated to?

4. I have complete control over how much OT I do.


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I knew of a student who was 65. Good luck to you.

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I can vouch for Rush as a former employee. It is a great place to work, and I think you would get an outstanding education there. Good luck!

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As an older nurse myself, I can tell you that we (older nurses) have a much better grasp on prioritizing than some of the 25 year olds. We've lived awhile. We've lost loved ones, we've encountered tragedy, we have been through stuff. It helps.


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Around here, if all nurses over 50 suddenly vanished, the health care system would come to a complete halt!!! Speaking as a student, I am almost juvenile at age 36 :rotfl: Manny of my fellow student are old enough to be my parent. They have "retired" from one career annd are heading into nursing, especially common are various public safety jobs like fire and police. Anybody would jump at you around here, given your background in science. Chemistry!!! Wow (a bit jealous here) :)



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LeaM.........pat yourself on the back for me!! I admire you for your dedication. I'm soon to be 45 and finishing my me, age makes no difference and I honestly think that it really doesn't matter to others.

I work with nurses who are ages 24 to 60. We are all needed and all important......keep up the good work, hang in there and..............................................................................................................................................YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :balloons:


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Age discrimination tends to be more of a problem when there's a labor surplus ...

But in nursing, there's a shortage, and it should last another 20 years ... so I wouldn't worry about it.


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Join the crowd! I'm 51 and am a junior (2nd year actually) nursing student. I've found going back to school to be very fulfilling--and I graduated HS in '71, no college ed and worked as a secretary until 2001. I really encourage you to do this. Cheers

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