To all foriegn Nurses.Waiting for retro. to be lift up. - page 2

hello fellow nurses i made a prayer for us.I know everybody is troubled about retrogression. We can't do anything about this but we can pray. God has the answer in all of our misery. "Give ear,... Read More

  1. by   reyaguilar
    Amen ! ! !
  2. by   janina08RN
  3. by   nxt777
    amen... things will fall into places at the right time -- in his own time.
  4. by   zasha
  5. by   taekwondomomnurse
  6. by   pretty neirelle
    Amen. God is good.
  7. by   boot_unit
    im waitng too...amen to that .,, lets keep in touch:kiss
  8. by   loryn
    god bless us all!

  9. by   crash_burn
  10. by   rosesun
  11. by   beaisobelle
  12. by   potatomasher
    Lord Hear Our Prayer!
  13. by   Bamexlegs
    AMEN...GOD BLESS.Lets not forget to pray for the US congressmen and senators to speed up the process and sort out the problem.