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  1. by   suzanne4
    Quote from kkalu
    I have a friend here in the states who has filled for her AOS from F-1 to an I-140, is she able to file for EAD right way?
    If your friend was under the F-1, meaning international student, then they possibly could have gotten the OPT. Without having that, they cannot work as there are no visas currently avaiable. The I-140 is the only petition that can be submitted, and that does not adjust the status nor get the person an EAD. And actually if they graduated and do not have the OPT, then they have only 60 days to remain in the US if they are not continuing on with their studies. If they check the I-94 in their passport, it will more than likely state D/S in the expiration date section, that means dependent on the school ending. They are unable to adjust their status right now, if they do not continue on with schooling until there are visas available, they have to leave the US. They will be out of status in 60 days after graduation, and then considered here illegally.
  2. by   suzanne4
    Quote from kkalu
    I got the information below from the USCIS bulletin, I would like to know if a nurse with BSN or MSN will be classified as stated below:

    Second : Members of the Professions Holding Advanced Degrees or Persons of Exceptional Ability: 28.6% of the worldwide employment-based preference level, plus any numbers not required by first preference.

    Is this H-1 or simply a different classification of an I-140? Please Susanne4 and Lawrence HELP WITH AN ANSWER!
    This is for the EB-2 status, not the EB-3. A nurse with an MSN could be considered under this category, but it also depends on the job that they are hired for. If as a bedside nurse, then the MSN may not help and they would be under the EB-3 classification only.

    There are not any H1-B visas for nurses, this is for the green card only.
  3. by   suzanne4
    The CIR is dead in the water right now, but that can actually be a good thing for nurses. They are now able to move forward with the various bills for the RNs, if they will.

    I still have always thought that RNs should be under their own bill and not lumped in with illegal immigrants, or temporary guest workers. You deserve more than that.
  4. by   vermountindia
    Good or Bad news.....Here is the link...

  5. by   RGN1
    I hope you're right Suzanne. For those of us patiently (or even not so patiently) awaiting the Senate to vote on something it's a real roller coaster of a ride!!

    At the moment many of our lives are "on hold" as we can't plan anything because we have no timetable to work to or plan to.

    I truly hope that this will mean that a vote can now take place to end the retrogression and we can all breath a collective sigh of relief. I just pray that my hospital does not withdraw it's job offer because of all this waiting and uncertainty!
  6. by   suzanne4
    If you back and review any of my past postings on this, always stated that is was better for nurses to be under their own bill and not included with guest worker program or with illegal immigrants.

    Always easier to address one single bill, then one that has 1000 plus parts to it, as well as pages. Short and simple is always the way to go.

    And now that the CIR is dead for now, then they can go on with the bills concerning the nurses. Still do not forsee anything being signed before August at the earliest.

    If the retrogression does become history by this fall, remember that there still are not enough visas for all that desire to work in the US. The US is never going to have an unlimited cap on visas for nurses, just is not going to happen.

    Those that started the process two years ago, should have been in thge US by now. Plain and simple. Either their agency did not do what they promised to do, or their attorney forgot to include the required information with the petition in the first place. And we have seen this happen over and over again. And the nurse overseas working in another country and never made it back for their interview with the US Embassy. These are not problems caused by the Immigration Service, but they are usually blamed for it.

    Many of the stronger nursing unions in the US, and the more vocal ones have the backing of the major unions in this company. You are not going to see unlimited visas pass, as many of you keep stating that will happen.
    The US is not as short as is being marketed overseas by some agencies. That is just not the case.

    And in some areas, American nurses are having problems finding jobs, so importing foreign nurses is not going to be something that they are going to support.

    I am trying to give both sides of the story, not just what some of the immigration attorneys are portraying, or even some agencies that oculd care less about you. I have seen immigration attorneys that have nurses start working in January when they just came over to the US in December on a tourist visa. That is something very illegal to do, yet they tell them that it is fine..............they are getting money for each hour that the nurse works, and when they get picked up and deported, the issue becomes that the nurse should have known better, and they did.
  7. by   FutureUSRN
    I agree that it is better for this current CIR to be dead for now....there is nothing in it that will help foreign's all about border security and legalization of illegals....much worse, nurse will get fewer points in the "merit-based system" than other professionals.

    Visa recapture or atleast forward movement in the priority dates will give us hope.
  8. by   rkm
    Quote from suzanne4
    many of the stronger nursing unions in the us, and the more vocal ones have the backing of the major unions in this company. you are not going to see unlimited visas pass, as many of you keep stating that will happen.
    the us is not as short as is being marketed overseas by some agencies. that is just not the case.

    and in some areas, american nurses are having problems finding jobs, so importing foreign nurses is not going to be something that they are going to support.

    this is correct. in the philippines this june 2007, 76,000 or so are taking the local nursing board examinations, a record number in philippine nursing history. these include the fresh takers, second coursers and those who were made to retake the last year's controversial examination. many here probably think that there is an inexhaustible demand for nurses in the us, which susan has rationally explained, is only half the story. the majority of filipinos are taking up nursing, their sights aimed on the us and leaving this country the fastest way possible. universities here are clogged up with thousands who have taken up nursing. sooner or later, a demand is always met, same with the current situation. you can't always get what you want, it depends on market forces and lots of factors for the nursing profession.

    patience is a virtue.
  9. by   jtanga
    Yep,same thing happen to the Physical therapist.
  10. by   suzanne4
    Quote from jtanga
    Yep,same thing happen to the Physical therapist.
    There actually is still a shortage of physical therapists in the US and they have actually been fast-tracked right along with the nurses under Schedule A. They actually are required to have at least a Master's degree now, and actually now going towards the doctorate for licensing in the US. And a facility definitely does not use as many PTs as nurses, but there is still a demand for them.

    Schedule A was not just for nurses, but most never bothered to see who else was included in that. And there are still Physical Therapy jobs available all over. Not sure where you were looking or what your credentials were like.
  11. by   jtanga
    yeah ^_^
  12. by   harrn
    Any news about JULY VISA BULLETIN.......

    When is it going to get released?
  13. by   YAJRN
    visa bulletin for July will be posted this week or next week. Hope it hops a little farther.